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  1. Humans spend so much time looking for life in the universe, After learning about some of compositions of the pLanets around us and far away from us and the conditions under which life developed (thank you 8th grade science) i have developed a little "thoery"

    Life does not exist anywhere in the universe except on earth. The reasoning I have to come to this conclusion I'd that we, earth are the first planet in the universe to develop life we are the precursors, 3 billion years from now the societies that may or mAy not exist might look back on us as we do with dinosaurs or the ancient Egyptians, earth might not be the oldest planet but we have the right conditions for life to form , i think in time Other planets will develop these conditions to, so stop looking for aliens were a few years to early (hopefully not)
  2. one day millions of years from now, when another planet creates intelligent life the earth won't exist to them. theyll live their lives without any knowledge of our little world. just like us when we came to being, civilizations come and go in the universe, only seperated by time. sure anythings possible and there very well might be other life in the universe now, but even if there was what would it matter? even IF we could communicate with them what else could we accomplish?

    it takes millions of years to evolve to what we are now, what are the chances of another organism like us, intelligent, and able to communicate being out there, at just the right time for us to find each other?

  3. The universe is said to be 15 billion years old. There are more stars than there are grains of sand on the earth, I think you need to open your mind to the possibility, as your reasoning isn't the most credible (sorry if I sound harsh).

    Also, just a few months ago an undergraduate at my university who was working with data that was part of the Phoenix Mars Mission spotted traces of water on mars. He's now working on a project directly linked to NASA, as they all know how important a discovery is like this. If we're literally finding water on the neighboring planet, the probability of other life existing in the universe is beyond foolish to not be open too.

  4. Damn :eek: some crazy shit , Reading this a little clear headed Definitly open my mind a bit haha
  5. bleh,
    none of it's real
    maybe there's one real person in
    the universe,
    and we're supporting their illusion.
    anyone wanna take gander @ finding
    one real person?
  6. My theory is quite the oppostite, life, some thing that adapts to its enviroment, is present on a large percent of the universe.

    Its just so vast, and the limitations of "c" the speed of light create an enviroment where INTERACTION is a low percent. LACKof interaction does not mean, no life. Live could be small cells that are developing, bacteria, shit that has potential to adapt to entropy time and its environment, to potentially evolve. I recall reading an article that found bacteria or the like on mars, etc.

    Everything seems to be a fractalization and projection that ia made to harbor a creation that adapts, create an observer.

    oh on a tanget, bc high

    I read that everything exist becasue the act of observing creates it. Knowing the earth was alive before us, going by this theory, would mean there is life out there, becuase it is present because of an oberserver.

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