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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by hendrix, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. i had a thought a few weeks ago. you know how there are those "typical stoners" that are paranoid and always have those conspiracy theories and all that shit, and how they are all afraid that the government is starting to control us, and if we dont find, very soon humanity will be pretty much fucked, and we wont have free will and they will put a chip in your brains and all that jazz.

    well i thought. uhh im pretty sure its too late to be afraid of that happening? i mean yeah.
    im really high. and this is an old and boring "issue" but i just wanted all those "the government has a car that runs on water, maaaaaaaaan" people, it's too late to be worried about what WILL happen, because it has already happened. and im pretty sure that there is no way out of here. so there ya go.

    oh and i apologize if this doesn't make sense, i guess ill delete it when im sober, if its another crap thread..too much shit on the internet, gotta clean it up. one thread at a time haha
  2. You know what they say...

    Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
  3. true that. im paranoid for sure though
  4. Have you tripped on acid?
  5. nope. dont know if im going to ever though
  6. Might be an insightful experience. :)
  7. Or you might turn into bkadoctaj.
  8. I feel that a new world order's fairly inevitable unless people realize what's happening and start a resistance. That's a long ways off though and armageddon will hopefully come first through nukes, pole flipping, shit hitting the earth etc.
  9. Why would one want to prevent global unity?

    Sounds like YOUR the enemy. The one who wants to maintain a destructive three-tier socioeconomic systems based on the exploitation of the poor. The one who wants to maintain a feircly nationalistic, parochial and tribalistic society which constantly fights and corrodes itself.

  10. Either you think a democratic new world order is possible, which I don’t, or you like the idea of one man or a few men controlling everything that happens on earth.

    Or your sarcasm was hiding behind your big words.
  11. We just haven't gotten constitution-writing to a science.

    That's the only problem. That and public apathy.
  12. Who's going to topple of the social pyramid? It doesn't seem as if that is going to happen anytime soon.

    Who says there can't be global unity without there being a three-tier socioeconomic system? There has always been a poor man, an average man, and a rich man.

    Globalization isn't going to unify the world, it is only going to put more and more countries on the same page, from a technological and economic point of view. Whether this will lead to unity can only be surely clarified with time.
  13. I concede you're very correct about that. I don't expect any significant change in my lifetime, or that of my nieces and nephews.

    Again you make a very illuminating (no pun intended, CTs) point. It's definitively a possibility and nay an effect of economic and technological change being caused by globalism.

    Not on it's own it won't. It'll sure help though.

    Well to be fair, that's significantly approaching the definition of unity. Unfortunately I'm not exactly a humanist (more of a misanthrope, really) and am not the best individual to talk to on the subject.

  14. There’d need to be some police organization dedicated to preserving the constitution that could never be dissolved by government. They wouldn’t be used for anything else other than arresting the president should he try and go against it, and he should know that going into office.

    You’d also need 200 brilliant people to proof read the constitution 300 times each for any loopholes.

    Also, you’ll have billions of Asians voting for the asian candidate, billions of brown people voting for the brown candidate etc. I don’t care if racism is somehow wiped out, that’s how it’ll go anyway. Whatever race has the most population has the higher chance of winning.

    Fun to think about but I think the Brave New World new world order is a lot more plausible and I don’t want my blood line brainwashed and microchipped :(
  15. The real problem is that people think we need constitutions.
  16. the thing is there IS a way out of it... the population of america alone who own guns outnumbers the military by far.

    its just a matter of has society been too brainwashed into this hippy peace shit to do something about it... the media and government have told us for years that violence isnt the answer, and so many people now wouldnt even put up a fuckin fist fight for their beliefs, let alone revolt.
  17. Even if we do have more guns, the military has tanks, fighter jets, high explosives, missiles, etc.

    I think peacefully spreading the idea of liberty is more effective than violent revolt, at least for now.

  18. They'd only win that way if they were looking to blow the shit out of millions of civilians. If something like that were to happen pretty much every gun owner with an interest in freedom would have a shotgun trained on his door. I also imagine most of the army would have a problem with doing these things.
  19. If millions of civilians are participating in the revolt, then the idea of liberty has already been peacefully spread.

    As it stands, most civilians are quite happy with their slavery.
  20. But potentially every civilian in the world would be a revolter. We have the technology and it’d be pretty important to know where everyone is at all times, so microchips are a strong possibility. If word spreads that they’re knocking on doors installing microchips, every few doors would (hopefully) have someone ready for a gunfight. That is unless they send 30 men to each house, but that would be impractical. You'd also have unbelievable amounts of army deserters, unless they made it punishable by death or something.

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