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    Lol, what? How do you know what goes on with my body? Im not trying to claim anything or make a point, I'm just saying not everyone can handle lots of weed and still function 100%.

    You guys are so fucking defensive. As soon as someone has a different opinion you go crazy and into like protective mode for weed. CALM DOWN!!! Its like no one can have an opinion on this forum.

  2. No one is trying to convince you of anything.

    I simply am doing my duty to fellow blades to make sure that your self proclaimed opinion which you are parading as truth is not mistaken by an impressionable youth to be so.

    You have no evidence that consuming cannabis through edibles or vapors has negative health side effects, even in the long term. Scientists have been trying to say cannabis is bad for years and even now they admit that it is safer than pollution, hydrocarbons you ingest from smog are more dangerous. Good day. :wave: :D :smoking:
  3. I dunno, telling me my beliefs are wrong usually constitutes as pushing an opinion.

    Since when did I parade my opinion as truth? Your blowing this whole thing out of proportion. Maybe you should get a nice pair of glasses, and read over my posts again, or maybe your not functioning normally because of all the weed your smoking :p, because I never proclaimed my opinion as truth.
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    Awesome, then we are on the same page, your opinion is of null validity and weight as far as accuracy and truth go. Kinda like a free reading from mrs. cleo.

    Glad we could come together on this.

    Happy tokin bro. :hello: :smoking: [​IMG]
  5. How immature, even when I tell you my belief, you continue to put it down and criticize it. Grow up dude.
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    Your opinion is kind of like someone coming in here and saying that because they toke LSD and thought they were going to die that LSD is going to kill you because in your experience you felt that way. Its not true and you cannot make a substantiated claim at it. Your saying that Cannabis is adversely bad for you when it isn't.

    You are free to express your opinion, even if it is untrue, and you admit that you claim no truth in your comments. I am just clarifying, not criticizing. I applaud your conviction, its kinda like the guys who kept on claiming the world was flat for hundreds of years after being proven otherwise, if only for the sake of having heart.
  7. Dude thats like a completely different scenario.

    Just stop.

    Your taking this on a personal level. I even left you + rep saying we both have our opinions, to try and keep it from going personal.

    You've proven your point to everyone who will ever read this thread, but you continue to argue against my opinion. Just stop, we get it, just stop.
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    alright give us an example of when you saw edibles create an adverse health effect

  9. Ummm lets see...

    Physical: tired, cant walk as well, balance is distorted, red dry eyes.

    Mental: Cant concentrate as easy, usually get small hang over the next day (stale feeling), laziness, depression, lack of mental stimulation (too used to being high for fun) not to mention habituation, psychological addiction, etc.
  10. you know thats normal, right?:rolleyes:
  11. Yes, but you were asking for the physical effects I've noticed.

    All of those are unwanted side-effects, and they hinder my physical/mental capabilities.

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