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  1. On health-hype

    Firstly, it is absolutely without a doubt a fact that weed damages your body.

    You know that, I know that... if you don't know that you're an idiot.

    That said, it amazes me that there is such bad press over it. Alcohol, for example, is legal. Now, even accounting for social acceptance, it is still more physically addictive than marijuana. The distance varies depending on your form of intake, naturally, but it's still there. The same goes for health problems. Alcohol, because of it's nature, tends to be consumed in much vaster quantities at once, causing more damage. Whereas, for the average user, marijuana is a relatively small intake. The effects are a lot less pronounced, too.

    So the question I pose is this: why is Alcohol, and tobacco (which is REALLY nasty, especially when mass-produced) legal, and marijuana outlawed?

    I'm also curious about the average intake of grass smokers on here: How much do you reckon you smoke a week?

    For me, it's like my drinking. I have a few beers on the weekends, and I see myself smoking in the same way- couple of joints mixed with cammomile on the weekend
  2. You're close, but let me help you, sir.

    Cannabis only hurts people when smoked. When vaped or cooked into edibles, it's completely healthy.

    And back on the rest of the thread.

    You don't know why cannabis is illegal compared to both tobacco and alcohol?

    I'll help you understand.

    Alcohol has been with human society and culture since...god knows how long. It's integrated into our lives. It's going nowhere.

    Tobacco? Huge tobacco companies have so much money and power that it's not funny. Tobacco prices may continue to rise, but there will always be cigarette smokers. That's the point. They sell addiction, and that won't ever fade.

    Now that you know a bit more why those two or stapled into our society as hard as they are, let me talk about cannabis

    It used to be a huge fuckin' crop for years and years, even with the colonial Americans. Hemp paper, hemp rope, hemp oil, that shit was used for pretty much living, man.

    But around the 30's, there was a lot of political shit goin' down with Mexicans and Americans. I don't remember details at this point, but due to one bastard being a racist dickhead, he began a propaganda campaign and started calling the smokeable cannabis "marihuana" and explained it as a devil drug to the American Government. Needless to say, the quickly and without much research banned the substance. By the time they figured out that they had just banned one of their most prized crops, they were so deep in their decision, they had no choice (well they did, but they were too arrogant and stubborn) but to go ahead and keep it illegal.

    So why is it illegal?

    Racism towards hispanics.

    Edit - Besides my firecracker thread, this is by far my longest post.

    I fuckin' love adderall.
  3. Ahh... except for one thing-

    In Australia we have had no such racism towards hispanics.

    In fact, in one state (South Australia) it is legal to grow and smoke a personal crop. I'm in victoria, so I kinda miss out.
    Also, tobacco companies have far less power in my country. while you guys have a continued struggle with posting warnings on packets, we've had graphic warnings on packs for at least a decade. Aslo, now no longer allowed to smoke within 5 meters of a covered area in public.

    Any other ideas?

    EDIT: No, you're right. 1938 cannabis was made illegal in Australia, on information produced by he US, specifically Harry J Anslinger.


    EDIT EDIT: SA it is illegal to smoke or own, just decriminalised. $150 fine if found with a plant or less than 50 grams. but police don't raid for that.

    Actually, I'm not sure anyone cares about personal stock in Australia... they come down hard on commercial though. Probably 'cauyse they can't tax it ;P
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    So I won that argument?


    So you guys understand that part, here's the PM Mr. Walruss and I had.

    My guess? Due to America's influence as well as the facilitation into action of the Controlled Substances Act, I'm guessing, like how most other countries did, that Australia also followed suite and quickly began making their own Scheduled Drugs list.
  5. Ummm bottom line is whatever the U.S. does, Australia and the rest of the world, for the most part, are going to follow suit. I wish it wasnt so but America pretty much dictates what other countries do
  6. Didn't know it was that close a relationship in the late 30's. Guess I was wrong :p
    and yes Kramer, you won :p
  7. Marijuana isn't physically addictive at all. It can however be very mentally addictive to some individuals. In experiments monkeys will self-administer themselves cocaine to the point of starvation but won't thc.
  8. Yippee!

  9. When vaped or eaten its pretty good for you. Do some research on the benefits. They are numerous.
  10. Smoking Marijuana is not healthy.

    It is scalding hot smoke going down your throat into your lungs...

    Smoking in general is unhealthy, people can argue all you want for marijuana, pull up all of the science reports you want, but it will not change the fact that Marijuana is not good for you. Thats not to say it does harm or anything, its just not GOOD.
  11. Oh come on, now, Zepp.

    As long as you don't burn marijuana and smoke it, it's not detrimental at all to your health.

    Infact, the pros vastly outweight the cons when eating or vaping bud.
  12. I disagree. If I ate weed brownies all day I wouldn't be able to function, I'd probably be sleeping half of the day, gorging myself with munchies, completely burnt.

    Haven't you ever felt burnt from weed? Everytime I eat an edible, Ill be flying all night, but when I wake up I have a distinct tiredness and stale feeling, what I see as a cannabis hangover.

    Im not saying its unhealthy physically, but its extremely unhealthy mentally if used chronically.
  13. Learn to read, smoking isn't good, but the benefits of ingesting cannabis without smoke outweigh the side effects.

    You obviously are not a 'fact' person, your more of a think with your gut like stephen colbert so I won't waste my time with 'facts' and 'empirical evidence' which will mean nothing to you.

    Cannabis is good for you. Smoke is not.
  14. If I ate non-cannabis brownies all day, I'd be shitting left and right.
  15. Just because your lazy doesn't mean everyone else will have the same reaction to ingesting cannabis that you do. Your amotivational syndrome is of your own doing, I consume cannabis on a regular basis and stay motivated.

    Don't blame the plant, take some responsibility for your actions.
  16. Learn to read? Why don't YOU learn to read.

    That is what I believe, and I don't believe it from facts, I believe it from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Do you live your whole life by hearsay? Personally, I judge things from experience, so bug off please.
  17. Well, isn't LIVING, not GOOD for you? With age comes death, no? Your argument is kind of irrelevant.
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    Exactly, this is why I didn't waste time with the MOUNTAINS of evidence and scientific information and instead showed you that MY personal experience as a successful member of society is that I can consume copious amounts of cannabis and not feel 'burnt' like you do. I use only clean high grade cannabis and only vaporize. Your standards are indubitably lower than that and your body and mindset are different so don't blame cannabis because your unable to consume cannabis without becoming lethargic and useless. ;) :D :smoking:
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    Well congrats on being able to still be a member of society, but not all of us are as perfect as you. I have seen adverse health effects (mental and physical) from both edibles and smoking, which is why I hold my belief strongly. So please stop pushing your beliefs on me.
  20. Sorry, Zepp.

    Everything you've been saying is WRONG.

    I refuse to read anything else you have to say.

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