A theory about death and the afterlife

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  1. I know I've been posting a lot but this summer was one filled with many life changing, perspective placing events. I was thinking about death and came up with a theory. Perhaps death is the same as before birth. Before you were born you didn't exist (as far as we know) and time became irrelevant. Time only began for us when we came into existence. So death is the same as that, time becomes irrelevant and billions of years could go by instantly for us until we come back into some form of existence, however if that never occurs then I suppose we simply cease to be for eternity. That's very hard for me to accept at this point because I want to tell myself theres something after life, but maybe there isn't? This is all theory and speculation so any thoughts or questions would add to the discussion
  2. i think that death is us simply being snuffed out of existence. we didn't exist before; why should we after? the mind feels like an infinite thing, but i think this is just an illusion.\

    this has actually been a mental fixation of mine recently;

    imagine someone who is shot in the head, unexpectedly. they are sitting in their living room, walking down the street, talking to a friend, whatever, and for whatever reason out of nowhere they are shot in the head. instantly dead.... everything that was in them; their memories, knowledge, millions of thoughts that flooded through their mind every day, and their very existence are snuffed out before they even knew something was coming.

    this is a very bleak thought for me. it's hard to describe how it makes me feel , but it is difficult for me to escape.... none of this is in a bad way

    i guess i find the complete end of my existence beautiful in its own way. not in a suicidal way. more like whenever it comes i guess i'm not really too scared of it.
  3. I also think this, as do many others. I went from completely accepting the idea of death being the end of my consciousness, but then I went on to experience things that proved this to be untrue. I know that when we die, it is only our bodies that die, not our mind. Our mind/consciousness is not physical nor can it be destroyed. I also believe in reincarnation.
  4. If I accept that I will simply cease to be, then I don't think I could help but be absolutely terrified of death. I don't want to scared of death.
  5. Can you tell me about the death of a body? Because, I sometime wonder about my body... "I" currently don't have any cells that were there when I was born (they all died). So where am "I" in the physical world? What if a human body is to the universe as a single cell is to the human body, a specialized and responsive instrument? :)

  6. i'm not criticizing you, but i'm curious to know what makes you believe this. i used to believe my soul/mind persisted after death, but that was mainly when i considered myself a christian, but it doesn't sound like you are religious (i could be wrong). again, not hatin' i just love to get different peoples views than my own, which i don't get a ton of cause i'm a relatively solitary person. :wave:
  7. That is true, and take that same concept and apply it to larger things, like a solar system as part of a galaxy, and those galaxies as part of a larger organism. If you think outside of the box that far, its not too far fetched to think of the entire universe itself as a giant organism. Its also possible that that organism is conscious on a scale we can't even imagine.

    I'll just say I've had a few experiences in my life that have put me close to death, and in the days leading up to that I received information from somewhere.. I don't know where, or what from, that in the next two years I found what I learned was corroborated by thousands of other people. I'm not religious though, religion is just a tool used by man to control other men. You don't need religion to be close to god. Hell, you are god.
  8. While you have no cells that you were born with, they came from one cell, your mothers egg so in that way they are all connected. I enjoy the analogy of our body cell's to that of the interaction between all the elements that compose this universe. They are both a collection of simple units working together for a bigger cause. it probably goes much further than that So the same could be said for our place in the universe.

    Death is when our bodies stop functioning and returns to the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen that made us and gets incorporated into new lifem so i guess if you look at it that way we live on forever

  9. cool. that's put my mind on a nice little joyride.:)
  10. Very nice! I never thought of the universe as organism, but its certainly possible :cool: It gets even cooler when you throw in the possibility of other universes. Perhaps the universes compete for dominance like we do in natural selection.

    As a skeptic I'd say your death experiences were coincidence but having none of my own I am not one to judge. Care to explain in more detail what happened and what convinced you of your stance?

    I'm god? I'm curious about this one aswell :smoke:
  11. (Conscious) universes competing? :D
  12. Yeah man, you got it.

    Although death isn't inevitable, it's just part of our path somewhere some time.

    All we can do is try to extend that time as long as we can.
  13. Basically the same way we desperately try to avoid getting cancer.
  14. Or perhaps it is more like basically the same way the cancer fights to survive.
  15. What if recognizing both of those as actually being the same was the most self-aware perception?
  16. i came up with a theory about life and death one time trippin on acid, because i had deja vu while tripping...WHICH WAS CRAZY! Anyways, you know how people are always talking about the apocolyps. well, i believe the apocolyps happens when all the mass in the universe just colaps within its self causing the big bang again. pretty much a reset button on the universe. After this things take their course, Ultimently things turn out the same, but there are some little chioces that one makes that could steer it off its track. might sound crazy but i thought it was cool at the time cuz i closed my eyes and say it happen before me
  17. If this were commonplace, I imagine we would not see so much hate in this world.

    Ah, the duality of it. Two of the same, divided, waging war against itself, over itself.

    'Shine on, forever, Shine on, Benevolent Sun. Shine upon the broken, Shine on until the two become One.'

  18. False, your neurons don't regenerate, once they die, they die. They do repair though. Your neurons also cause you to be who you are, their chemical interactions produce your personality, thoughts, decisions, perception, etc, so to the guy who said his mind is not part of his body, that's also false. I would like to think I would be able to retain my consciousness after death, but it does not seem that way, if the body dies, the neurons die, the consciousness dies. However, I definitely believe that your energy, or spirit, plays some part in your existence, so that begs the question, what happens to that after you are gone?
  19. Despite this being the common theory, there is no proof of any of this. The mind is one of the least understood things that exists, and currently there is no testable theory that proves that it is purely an effect of the brain's operation. So, as much as you say it is false, that is not true. Have you done any research at all on near death or post-death experiences? Many people have been clinically brain dead, no electrical activity in the brain whatsoever, and then have been revived, and report having seen the people working on them to resuscitate them from a perspective outside of their body during the time that there was no possible way for them to be conscious because their brains were totally inactive.
  20. I'm not sure which part you were referring to as having no proof, but if it was the part about neurons not regenerating or chemical interactions between neurons creating perception and the mind, that is most certainly true, as any neuroscientist will tell you. Like I said, I think the entire spirit thing is the wild card here, and I wouldn't argue against someone's essence still existing in a brain-dead form, etc.

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