A That 70s Show Tribute

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  1. First off, I'd like to start off by saying I'm new to GC & so far this is a really cool site, chill vibes.

    Anyways, yesterday was just an epic day. I won't go into details because I promised a friend of mine I'd let him do that. (HOPE HE HURRIES.) But yeah onto the story! So about after our second bowl, we're chilling in the car & I realize how my entire group of friends KINDA resemble the group on " That 70s Show." Crazy right?! But let me break it down.

    First off, the car. Remember the old Victorian Eric Foreman drives? Well we don't have that same exact car, but we do have an old Lincoln and let me tell ya, that thing is a boat! But it is our boat & we love it.

    So now you might be wondering who is Eric Foreman? Well that my inquisitive stoners, is filled by our friend Wyatt. I mean, if you got to know this kid and actually saw him, there's no way you could argue he doesn't remind of ol' Eric F. Only thing is he doesn't drive our version of the Old Victorian. That's where our Fez comes in, played by my dear friend ImPakt. ( He likes to be called by his rapper name) But anyways, ImPakt here is from Pakistan & although he speaks english fluently, you can sometimes feel like he has a bit of Westernizing to do. Plus it doesnt hurt he is a little brown & actually could pass as a modern day Fez. But he is awesome & is pretty good at rapping if i say so myself.

    Now onto Kelso, who is played by my friend Ryan da Poopdick. His name is really only Ryan but he acquired the " da Poopdick " when he allowed his grades to slip and was forced to go to a school where students go when they're close to failing the school year. And if you don't get how he is Kelso in this scenario allow to me add, Ryan is now also failing this school and will graduate a year late plus he kinda gets the ladies, but that's for another story.

    Okay, so remember how I said my group kinda resembles the one from the show? Well this is how. See, in this story I'd only fit in as Hyde, only thing is, I'm black. But then again, we aren't so far off, because you see, Hyde was half black & he had an afro. I only have an afro but I have been told that I'm pretty chill, so maybe that counts? I don't know, I think that does but moving on.

    DONNA, she was amazing right? Of course she was, that's why she's played by an equally amazing girl in the group, Sadie. Sadie has red hair too by the way guys & she's even dyed it blonde once. But yeah, I could go on and on for days about how Sadie is just like Donna but you'll just have to take my word for it.

    Okay so does everyone remember Jackie? She was a bit of a bitch but you couldn't help but want to bang her? I mean, all the guys on That 70s Show thought about it at least once. Well its like that with our friend Ariana. But that's only because Ariana has an undeniably pretty nice ass and she wears yoga pants quite a bit. Otherwise she'd be Laurie ;) Fans of the show will probably understand.

    Okay, now for Leo. Unfortunately we don't have an old person but we do have a David. Now David is probably our biggest stoner out of the whole group & man does this guy get high. I'd say about 90 percent of the time he's high. Just in his own world like Leo was.

    Well that's it! I hope that was entertaining. I'm not a dumbass or anything but I do know that my writing skills can be a bit, lacking. But yeah, that was my awesome moment, maybe you guys can share yours as well.

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