A tale of loss..

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    Here I will retell for you a truly epic tale of courage, friendship, betrayal and love..

    Nah just kidding, I'm gonna vent because on saturday I lost fucking $650 worth of belongings through a stupid mistake. :mad::mad::mad:

    After I finished work yesterday I caught the bus home, which sucks in it's own right. As I was skating home I started feeling a little better knowing my week's work had finished and I'd be able to relax for another three days and not worry about waking up early for crappy pay.

    But then, disaster struck!!! As I went to get my ipod out of my bag I realised the truth: I no longer had a bag, I left the fucker on the bus, full of my work equipment, my shoes, my wallet and of course my $350 ipod..

    Several frantic looks and many screamed obscenities later, I realised the only way I could ever hope to see my bag again was that by chance nobody had stolen it off the bus seat, and THEN the bus driver or the lost & found at the depot hadn't stolen it either.

    Panicky as hell I skated the 2 kilometres to the depot to be told that it wasn't open on the weekend OR public holidays, meaning the nearest oppertunity is Tuesday :(.

    So right now I'm PRAYING that the scummy hippie sitting behind me didn't tax my bag after I left.. I'm extremely doubtful but tomorrow I'm going to the bus depot as a last ditch effort to get my stuff back.
    Pray for me please my fellow stoners!!
    On the off chance that I actually do get my bag back I've decided I'll spring and buy a quarter-ounce, the most I've ever bought, and smoke up my friends :)
    Of course I'll take and post pics for you guys first!

    Anyway just needed to get it out really, thanks for listening!
  2. How much bud did you have? Is it possible that they found it and turned it over to the police? Cause i certainly want to walk in there saying that you lost the bag with an ounce in it. Good luck though.
  3. Oops, I guess I wrote that wrong, I didn't have any bud in my bag thank god, just my wallet, ipod and work stuff.
    Wow I didn't think of what could've happened if I had weed in there, I'm kinda glad I couldn't get any that day now :)
  4. tell me if you did get it back
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    I'll find out tomorrow whether or not I can get it back - those unhelpful motherfuckers at the bus depot wouldn't even direct me to the guy who drove the bus so I could ask if he found a bag..
    Does anyone know if they usually clean buses after a round?

    All in all though I'm not getting my hopes up - Most bus drivers around my area aren't exactly the most trustworthy type so even if it was handed in with good intentions I doubt it'll reach me.
  6. YES!! I got that shit back yesterday, the only thing missing was twenty dollars from the wallet and I couldn't give a crap about that!!

    I couldn't find a quarter so I just ended up with a 20, I'll try to get some more tomorrow..
  7. I feel your pain man...yesterday me and my friend went in half on an oc 80...we split in half then we both split our halfs in half. I snorted the smaller half got good and fucked then me and my homeboy matched some bowls and parted ways.

    I look in my pocket where I had put my other half of the pill in my cig cilaphane that I burn sealed....it was gone...fell out somewhere at first I thought I might have dropped it in my front yard, but that thing was small...I looked everywhere, and its nowhere to be found...that half pill cost metwenty bucks too.

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