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a strange problem with no solution...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by questionable., Feb 13, 2009.

  1. First of all, i'd like to say hi to everybody here before I ask for all of your help...

    I am a casual marijuana smoker, I would say that I have smoked about 3 to four times every month for the past 6 months. The problem I face is that about 75 percent of the time that I actually get really baked, I have an extremely intense paranoia that I'm going to have a heart attack. Being a strong advocate for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes and in order to lower crime, this side affect in short, really SUCKS. I do have a very anxious personality, and my heart rate is often 100 bpm which is basically the line between normal, and unhealthy, which could be contributing to my problem. These anxiety attacks seem to be completely random, because I can be in a completely comfortable setting and still wind up lying on my back checking my heart rate every 10 seconds.

    Well thanks for your help guys, and hopefully ill be able to get high with you all sometime soon!
  2. Ya just gotta get over it man. Just say to your self, do I really give a hoot? If you want marijuana to be legalized then you should be wearing your red eyes with pride man.
  3. I know someone a bit like that actually, but I really don't know what the best solution would be. If you're unhealthy, BE HEALTHY :D I think a few of the things you mention will have something to do with it. I'm too laid back for my own good, never anxious, and I remain chilled (if not more) when I'm high. Sounds like you have quite a low tolerance for it. Ya just got to take it easy when you smoke, and do something positive while doing it. What I mean is don't just melt into a chair or lie on your back 'cause that'll just mong you out. Do something that occupies your mind, like socialise, going for a walk, or just listening to some good tunes.

    But yeah have the right attitude and you'll be fine son :smoke:
  4. i think marijuana might raise your heart rate so maybe check into that
  5. since you said you have an anxious personality while not high, i think you need to get that under control before you smoke because smoking can bring out feelings like that. But when you do smoke, I would maybe try smoking less and see if that helps. Like smoke a little, see how you feel while waiting a while, and go from there. Also when you are high, sometimes I do this, is just realize YOU are in control of your thoughts and YOU can decide not to be anxious. Its easier said than done I know, but you gotta have mental strength, and be able to have control over what you think and how you feel. be mentally strong.

    hope that helps man
  6. Yeah weed does raise your heart rate. Thanks for the ideas guys, keep em coming, I think they really might help

  7. alright so next time you smoke and you find yourself checking your heart rate just remember what you wrote here--weed raises your heart rate... just tell yourself "its perfectly normal for my heart rate to be elevated when smoking so I dont need to check it at all."
  8. no one has died from weed, regardless of a heart rate increase, the fuck do you think happens when you exercise?
  9. I know exactly what happens when you excersize, this feels quite a bit different. Anxiety causes heart palpatations, and it seems like the weed causes anxiety attacks, so when I'm high and having more heart palpatations than usual it kinda freaks me out.
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    Seems like you need to be put put on some SSRI's
    (if your not bullshitting about the constant anxiety/panic attacks)
    talk to your doctor about using paxil. (Paroxetine HCL)

    no joke...
  11. I am a Cardiologist and I don't mean to worry you but from what you've said I can say with absolute 100% certainty that the next time you smoke weed you WILL have a heart attack and you WILL die.
  12. use to happen to me, the more u smoke the btter u will be when i actually got over it was when i got caught one day, i was sketchign so hard then his parnets finally came caught us and now i always fine with it lol
  13. I have a friend who had the same concern when he started... guess what? Still smokin', still breathin'. It's just paranoia man. Whenever something happens to me that brings discomfort I always say to myself "This too will pass, just like everything else that happens in life" The fact of the matter is, no one has ever died from smoking the herb. Try smoking a couple hits then wait a few minutes and see how you feel. Rinse and repeat.
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    I sort of have anxiety too, man. It's not hard to overcome. You know what I do? Not more than three hits in, I just clear my mind of everything and sit still and quiet for a minute or two. Brings me back to Earth and makes me able to enjoy life high. Don't try it when you're paranoid because it's almost impossible to get rid of the paranoia later.

    Oh, and weed does indeed raise your heart rate, so if you normally have a slightly higher than normal pulse... it's something to be aware of.

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