a stoner moment

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheColonel, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Had a long day at work yesterday. Really long... I had to deal w/ some nut job for almost 6 hours over the phone who never actually asked me any questions. I think she was lonely and wanted somone to talk to, honestly. But it was ridiculous. anyways...

    I went home and ripped a rather large bowl out of the illadelph. The Mrs. was sick so i told her i would cook dinner.

    I got in the car and headed for the Giant up the street. Somehow i ended up at a Giant on the other side of town :confused: and started shopping. Chips, Dip, Got Corn on the cob, and some chicken breast.

    There was only one checkout line open and it was long as hell. I must have stood there for upwards of 30 minutes. Needless to say i was spaced the fuck out. Finally it was my turn and the lady scanned my items. of course, when youre in a long line, people get nosy and start watching you, (plus i was high so...)

    The Cashier looks up at me out of the blue and says, "how many ears do you have?" It took me a minute to truly comprehend what she had just asked me. I repeated it in my head a few times just to make sure i heard it right.

    Then i said, "uh, 2".

    Lady gave me a death look.

    "how many ears of CORN, sir?".


    the line of people behind me erupted in chuckles and murmurs as i made my swift exit.

    Damn cashiers messin w/ stoners like that....
  2. Haha nice story man. I woulda done the same thing bro.
  3. When I went to buy a new pair of shoes I was ripped and my eyes had the droop going and basically, it was embrassingly obvious that I was high. With that I walked up to an employee and asked to see a pair of shoes in a 10.5. She then asked me what they looked like so she could order them. My mind was not comprehnding what she was doing. I replied, "But, they are on the wall over there". She says, "Can't you tell I'm just messing with you man". WIth that I laughed along with all the other customers laughing and went about my business. Good times
  4. Heh, that's great. Both stories.
  5. hahahahahahaha o shit son + rep...uhhh 2
  6. That has to be the funniest thing that I have read..hahaha...priceless :D
  7. Very funny...I am stoned right now and I am laughing.....
  8. That story was amazing, i truly would have said the same thing also and i need to spread some rep around, but after that you deff. have some reppage comming your way

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