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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hey City,

    So I was just outside changing my plugs and wires.

    Everything is going good until the very last one.

    I was trying to get it out and it will not come out. The white section spins but that is it (the plug is not turning).

    I might just be having a problem because the ratchet I have is not functioning properly- it started acting up on the last one. BUt I do not think the ratchet is the issue- I'm pretty sure the white section of a spark plug should never be able to spin.

    So any advice- I know we are not a car forum, but I know a lot of you work on your own vehicles.

    I hope I didn't mess up the plug and now have to bring it to a garage.


    I obviously gave up for now.

    I'm waiting to hear back from my father, and if I do not hear from him by 7 my boss is a realy cool guy and I can ask him.

    For now I'm taking a walk to the liqour store, picking up some beer.

    Then I'm getting dinner.
  2. SO its definately not the ratchet.

    And my dad had the same luck I had.

    It feels like it starts to turn and all of a sudden will slip off. It does not appear to be stripped so I am worried that it may be a thread issue. It doesn't feel like the ratchet is slipping- it feels like the plug is actually turning then stops causing you to slip off.

    If it is a thread issue and they have to drill my engine- that is a good amount of money.

    Money I was going to use for school.

    Fucking sucks worrying about shit. Which is why I am not- I have the funds, its unfortunate what I have to use them for though.

    Plus I have some beer and a nice big bag I picked up yesterday.

    So I am dropping it off tomorrow at a garage and hopefully will hear some good news by friday.
  3. warm up the engine until the area around the plug is warm/hot and try taking it out then...got any anti-sieze spray of any kind? if you do, spray some there when the engine is beraly warm and try to work that sucker out after letting it soak for about 10 min.
  4. well, im no expert on engines. but i remember when i had a broken bolt in a 4 cyl engine i had. bought it that way :( didn't even notice i was sooo pissed, anyway...

    I don't know about engine blocks, but if you have a broken spark plug, look into a tap and dye set to pop out bolts, and re-thread them for a a new one.

    I know this is the solution for bolts and the sort, but not too sure about spark plugs...
  5. aww man, i hate to tell you this, but it sounds like a cross threaded or siezed plug. this is probably one of my worst fears when it comes to cars, becuase there is normally nothing you can personally do. i dont know what the required repair work entails, but knowing what i do about engine design, youd most likely have to get the cylinder head off, remove the valve cover and manually take out the spark plug sleeves. you should be able to get it fixed, it just blows.
  6. yeah, sounds logical.
  7. Thanks for the responses.

    Thats what I was fearing Retroshark.

    I am dropping it of this AM and they will hopefully look at it tomorrow.
  8. So for $55 my problem is all taken care of.

    Let me tell you the drive to the garage was a fume filled adventure. I was scared to stop at red lights so I would slow down 50' before and go 2 mph haha. Seriously all I could smell was fuel from that 1 cylinder that was no longer firing.

    But luckily the plug was just stripped. It was an original plug in the engine- so it was stripped before I even started.

    But let me say how relieved I am- for $55 vs hundreds......

  9. lucky they could get it out for cheap

    or else they would have had to remove the cyl head and charged you a hell of a lot
  10. I'm glad you fixed it. My friend used that red locktit when he stipped his out and it work for a month then it shot out like a bullet. Before he tried the locktit he was taping it and whatever else he could do.HAHAHA I was cracking up when he ask for tape at my house. So I suggested Locktit to get him to the shop within the next week. Well,
    He let it go and he got the car impounded before he fixed it right.. He drove around with locktit in his car for that reason... What a stoner:smoking: LOL

    Just thoght I'd share that one take care..

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