A Sonnet for Caroline

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  1. By the way, Caroline is merely a fictional character in this poem. I don't think I even know anyone named Caroline. I just finished this poem. It shows the depreciation from love to hate, but take it as you will.

    A Sonnet for Caroline

    I love thee!
    I love thee!
    Caroline, in you, nothing I loath.
    For meaning is gayly upon thee,
    Twisted and tightened with rope;
    For worse, nay, better!
    We seal our love with a letter
    With colours and passion from friends
    Seal it with wax, free of great tax
    In love, true we will meet again.

    My sweet Caroline
    What pleasures are thine
    Upkeepeth in our happy home?
    Feelings of lost,
    Frigid, as frost!
    Haunt me as I am alone;
    Our love, dare it dwindle
    As fire to tindle
    Will not as I will return soon;
    The seal of great red
    Gives hope to the dead
    Your letter remaineth untouched
    Whether damnation claim me
    Or sword overtake me
    The parchment will stay as is such.
    I will write again,
    Speak well to my friends
    And family, as I love them so.

    To Caroline is whom I speak,
    My future is becoming bleak
    Why show you no sign of reply?
    The shadow of love, faint from above
    Appearing to slowly wilt, die.
    Your letter remains,
    Though Seal may be chipped,
    With tear blotted stains
    I set ink adrift
    It will not remain there for long;
    I fear what I long,
    To sing you a song
    And tales of the sky freckled nights
    Will show you no care?
    Cast me a stare?
    As I preach about horrors and sights.

    Caroline! Caroline!
    Tell me of thine?
    And the blatant corruption you hold!
    For your seal has cracked
    A stab in the back
    All I feel as the parchment unfold!
    I come to you now, as time has allowed
    To finally see thy again!
    Celebration of wreath?
    Nay! To you I bequeath
    The fear and cold skin
    As sword I unsheath!
    The tears I have shed
    Sent from the dead
    Those tears that I so much abhor
    The fires of hell
    No longer will tell
    That I have been blessed with a whore!

    'Til death do us part?
    Yea, I live by that creed
    No, please, do not rise
    I will sign off thy deed!
    May words be concise
    As blade shimmers red
    Have you now felt
    To be one with the dead?

    Should you be here
    'What now?' would you ask
    I'll tell you, my dear
    As I sip from my flask;
    For last drink have I
    As my fate has set
    No tragedy here!
    Your deed has been met.

    Will this be a tale?
    Romeo? Juliet?
    Nay, their love is set
    Our's merely pale!

    And sealed off with love
    Floateth our curse
    Pale as a dove
    For better.. Nay, worse.
  2. Bravo. Absolutely magnificant... it's great. Keep it up, you have a good sense of poetry.
  3. Thank you very much! :wave:

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