A Slight Dilemma... Have To Choose Between Heat Or Mold

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    I've got a little cabinet going with some bagseed in soil and some CFL's. I'm in the 4th week of flowering.
    Everything's been goin great (no heat or humidity trouble at all). .
    Then we get a phone call from my step daughter saying she can't stay where she's at while schools out.
    So she's staying with us.
    The cabinet is in an extra room beside the room we have set up for her.
    The ventilation is pretty loud so I change some fans around and quiet them down.
    That was Sunday morning and when I checked last night it's WAY too hot and all the fan leaves are wilting bad!

    So my options are to either keep it in the extreme heat or move it to the basement.
    I had originally wanted it in the basement since I'm the only one that goes down there but it's pretty damp and musty so I was afraid of mold.
    My dilemma is..... Keep going in the heat or take my chances in the basement?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. Depends.
    What's the average & max temperatures, average & max humidity in the upstairs cabinet,
    and the same information in comparison to the basement.
  3. The temp was between 75-80*
    And my RH was 50-60% with my bigger fans and the bedroom door open.
    The 2 times I've been able to check them now they're 90-93* but my RH is close to 70
    Without being able to open the door to the room the ambient temp is around 87*

    I haven't checked the temp and humidity of the basement because when I was looking down there before it was damp and musty so I thought I'd be better off upstairs.
    Ill try to go down and check it tonight.
    I'm just wondering the odds of getting any mold from the dampness or if the heat in the cabinet would keep it in check(if that makes sense)?
  4. Seems like you have no choice, the upstairs is way too hot so head for the basement.
    It's probably drier now than when you started the grow, and you could add some combination of fans & dehumidifiers if it's still too damp.
  5. Yes that's pretty much what I was thinkin of doin was giving it a try and just watching the RH.
    If things got too bad ill have to get a dehumidifier.
    It sucks cuz I was just gettin everything dialed in, so ill have to get dialed in on the basent before starting some good beans.
    But I'd rather be safe.
    Thanx for the input
  6. Basement should be fine. Your lights will help drive away the damp and cool. I've been growing in my 200 year old dirt floor root cellar for years.

  7. Basement +1

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