A simple closet setup

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  1. This is a simple closet setup after three grow cycles. All you need is...
    2 lights, 3 duct fans, ducting, mylar, 3 pots, gardening soil, temp/humidity, light timer, and some love.

    walls wrapped with mylar
    1 intake at the bottom,
    2 exhaust at the top (one is out of picture, sitting on the shelf). They both exhaust into the attic.
    lights hung using wire hangers
    all my electrical / supplies / misc are sitting on the shelves.
    water every other day using rain water thats collected and stored.

    There was a slight knat / bug problem, placed several strips of sticky fly paper around the pots - and they were all stuck within a couple of days.

    So far results have been great, each plant averages 2 ounces.

    The pictures with the plants are from the 2nd grow cycle.Unfortunately there were 2 males and only 1 female - and it was a "runt" compared to the other two. It still yielded 1 ounce though.

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  2. 100+ views and no comments? :/
    What do you think? Any improvements or suggestions?
  3. outstanding job how tall did you get your plants before you 12/12'ed them?
    im planning on lst my first grow ever in a circle around my pot and i would be stoked if i could get 2oz.
    looks gr8 man +rep for success lol

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