A sheet of nothing

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  1. I'm really unsure where to post this but seeing as I was in here i've posted here.

    So imagine there is a sheet of nothing infront of you and your computer screen.
    Would you see the computer screen through the nothing?, the reasoning could be that there would be nothing obstructing your vision so nothing would be transperent say.

    or would you see nothing somehow? but I speak for myself by saying I cannot really imagine nothing because by doing that I am imagining something. Say I could see nothing is this what would kinda happen?

    On a quantum level you could imagine all the particles in the space just infront of you, what yould happen if in part of the space a square of nothing was there. When the particles in space infront of you would cross the boundary of the nothing, if it were possible for a boundary to exist, would they have to vanish or would if be like the nothing didn't exist.

    I just had these thoughts and wondered what your opinions were what you think or anything
  2. There is no such thing as nothing, except the source for everything, which is present everywhere. And "nothing" is really "no thing." Even "nothing" is a thing.
  3. When there is nothing than there is truly nothing.

    There is no space so there is no possible way to have anything existing within nothing.

    So nothing could be said to be no space.

    You cannot imagine no space because everywhere you look there is space. If you have never seen or experienced absolutely nothingness than there is no way you could ever accurately imagine it.

    The best way I can imagine nothingness is me being in a place where everything is black, like pitch black. Almost like I'm floating in the universe but there is no stars. And then in the middle of this space there is a little tiny speck of pure whiteness. That little tiny speck, which you can barely see would be nothingness.

    Like I said, that's the best I can imagine. Nothing would me no space so it wouldn't be visible.
  4. No, you could not see the computer screen through a sheet of nothing because there would be no lumineferous aether for the light to travel through. At the same time you couldn't see the sheet either. The mind cannot fathom what true nothingness would look like.
  5. but isn't nothingness a created concept of the human mind?:smoke:

    edit: what I mean is "nothing" can't "exist" right? Or am I just too stoned?
  6. Hmm..It is widely accepted that there is no "ether", and light does not need a medium in which to propagate.
    Light travels through the vacuum of space, that is proof enough for me

  7. Whatever you want to call it, the vacuum of space is still SOMETHING, it is just that.... space, it is not "nothing", as nothing has no existence at all, and one cannot comprehend nothingness. What one imagines as nothingness is merely empty space, utter blackness. To most people the air you look through is "nothing", such as saying "there's nothing in there". The ether of space is simply too subtle to detect yet, but indeed it is something.
  8. Nothing is not a peculiar kind of something, its simply nothing!

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