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    Dare you to watch this. Has anyone seen this film? I keep seeing Human Centipede threads pop up saying how fucked up it is, but this movie is on another level. I watched it a while back out of boredom and curiosity. I found a list of most fucked up movies and just watched random ones from the list (hint: Human Centipede is like Bambi compared to most).

    As for the movie, it actually isn't that bad, in my opinion. It has a fucked up premise, but the cinematography and acting are okay. I actually imagined the movie being more fucked up then it was in my mind. This is probably the most well done fucked up movie (the most fucked up being August Underground's Mordom (don't watch/piece of shit)).

    By the way, if you're too scared to actually watch it, I think Wikipedia basically has an in depth description of all the fucked up shit that takes place.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddwrbcMmzlc]A Serbian Film Official Red Band U.S. Trailer - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I've seen it, I didn't think it was too bad either.

    yea of course there are mad disturbing things in the movie. But it's not as bad as the reputation the movie got. Or perhaps after hearing about it and its reputation nothing can quite live up to that.

    I kinda felt about Serbian Film the same way I did about the Human Centipede, the hype about the movie was a lot bigger than the actually movies and what the movies show.

  3. LOLz this movie is much better when you understand Serbian...(im from Croatia..it's 95% same language..couple of words and frazes are differnt)...it's like when im watching a movie(English language/american) with a friend i laugh my ass off while he don't understand why im laughing...it's really hard to translate English in Croatian...sentences doesn't make sense...hopefully i can watch english/US movies without a subtitle :D.....writing ehhhh not so good
  4. Exactly. I was expecting it to be much more brutal and sadistic than it was.

  5. yea... exactly. It's like when human centipede came out people were like "this is the sickest movie ever" I watched it, I liked human centipede but it's just not that sick. At least the first one isn't, the first one is actually more psychological than graphic, because you know what's going on but they really dont show much.

    Then A Serbian film came out and people were like "this is the new sickest movie ever... if you thought human centipede was crazy then this movie will blow your mind away" And then I watch it, it's okay, the ideas are pretty horrible, but still not the "sickest movie I've ever seen or anything"

    personally, I think movies like Martyrs or The Woman are more graphic and disturbing.

  6. Yea, I kinda figuired some type of cultural context really wasn't being portrayed in the english version. That we were missing out things on the translation.
  7. Man, Martyrs is tough shit. The worst movies I've seen are the low budget snuff type shit. They're never good, but or have much story but if they count, they're the worst.
  8. Yeah, Martyrs is much worse than this is. This is like mainstream shock value by comparison.
  9. I have seen the movie and honestly as graphic and fucked up as it was, the movie was still written and acted very very well.
  10. watch August underground mordum or salo 120 days of sodom
  11. Watched both. August is fucked up beyond belief. Unlike a Serbian Film it isn't well made though. Just gross.
  12. i would never watch this shit but martyrs was fuckin awesome

  13. Yea, I've seen a few movies by Toetag pictures. I got to horror conventions here, so companies like Toetag are always around.

    The shit they make is disturbing, and fucked up, so it satisfies a certain niche audience. But I honestly barely even consider them movies. They are basically a few steps away from "snuff porn"/personal custom movies. Aside from their shitty production, their movies barely even have plots. They are there to just try to shock, but I find them very boring.
  14. I watched it one time and thought it was horrible. I told a friend about it and described it as something you can't just unwatch.
  15. Lol I thought the same. It's actually a good movie. Well shot.
  16. somethings you cant unsee bro
  17. a GREAT horror gory film is Martyrs, it's a french film with subs but the story line and the movie itself is very good, im a HUGE horror film fan and will watch almost anything. If you're after pure gore you want something like "the collector" made by the creators of saw and they basically just went wild with it, not an amazing ending but over all a good film if you're into the gory side of horrors. Alternatively if you just want something to scare you I find "The Strangers" is very good, the music and direction of the film is fantastic, nailed every aspect of it
    If anyone needs any film recommendations I've seen literally into the thousands, so have good films for any genre except out and out romantic films or anything soppy lol so please feel free to message me :) 
  18. Martyrs was pretty good but the beginning kind of confused me. It seemed like it was trying to be two genres (action/horror).
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    I'm a big fan of "Taboo" or "offensive" films. This one is one of my faves. Every one says The Human Centipede is gross or nasty or what have you. Thats nothing. Try 120 days of sodom. aka salo. Another amazing foreign film. Also Antichrist is a good one. I got tons. I love me some gore/shock films.
    Also. Start with the little one.

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