A semester away

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  1. I moved two months ago to spend a semester on another college. I decided to go back to my home state, and get a break from my life as usual.

    Here in Brazil we don't usually leave home to enter college... There are exceptions, but I gues its a latin american thing.

    The thing is, its cold here (back home it rarelly goes bellow 60, and here its like the hottest it will get during the day. The sun never comes out, which is a dealbreaker for me... I mean I love the city, its beautiful, but with 50 sunny days each year its unbearable to me.

    My humor has gone kinda sour. I miss my friends... Its not easy for me to make friends and as Im staying so little time I don't really wanna get too involved with life here... Ive been talking to people, and making contacts... I'm planning on landing on a Masters Program, so I've been talking a lot about research, and stuff... That's definetly a plus.

    And well weed here is dirty cheap. Like half the price I used to pay. It's no good, as usual in Brazil too... We usually just have shwagg cheap as bananas and dank is either too expensive to afford on a daily basis or plain unavailable. That's why I decided I'm starting cultivating next semester. That and being busted trying to get to this rave with a couple of joints on my jacket's pocket. Lost my ticket and got fined, and also lost my trip to Argentina over the date of the hearing to I was pretty depressed for a while but u know, fuck it.

    So that's that. I'm here alone at home as usual, listening to some good music, finnishing a translation project (my main income source), thinking about burning some ganja later and maybe playing some Burnout on ps2...

    I guess I want to meet more people but then again why bother. And how anyway. I'm shy and usually just get introduced to new people by friends... So you can figure how much time I have for my own here. Which is good. I get to read a lot, to be listening to music and thinking. Besides going for a walk downtown eventuallyl. Its nice there.

    Anyways, the only positive things here have been the dog my roomate got (I live with a couple, a cousing of the guy in the couple and another guy, who is the only one who tokes besides me, which sucks because we can't smoke inside) and weed. Dirty cheap weed. And Burnout. Shit.
  2. Hope that things get better for you, you seem like a real chill guy.

    Invest in a vaporizer bro, then you could toke all you want inside and afford to spend money on dank.
  3. Hey, thanks...

    I think cultivation is the answer man... That way I put serious money into the projet and get out serious weed... lol And the supply will be all but uncertain. I may not have a lot to toke but as long as I know how much I have I can manage. Not running the risks of buying it from dealers is a plus...

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