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a scale?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by justariel510, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. where can i get one and do i need my i.d.? if anyone can help thatd rock.

    "proud to be a stoner"

  2. There's a store in my mall (it's called Key World) they just sell random shit. I got mine for $30 bucks.
  3. I'm also looking for a scale. Anyone have any specific brands/makes/models to suggest? I heard you can get some for real cheap. The cheaper the better, so long as it isn't junk.
  4. As for your I.D I highly doubt you would need it. After all, it's used for mesurement not smoking.
  5. Looks good ^_^.
  6. You can get a set of hand scales or digis.
    Hand scales are cheapest (around $3-$5) and you can find them at your local headshop.
    Digital scales are more pricy, but more accurate. around $15 ^ depending on how much you wanna spend.
    There are certain things you cant do to digis tho, Idk everything so find out stuff in more detail if you purchase digis.
    As for the ID just take it along in case.
  7. Go to your local hood shell and you can get a bowl, grinder and scale all at one stop.:smoking:
  8. local headshop, no I.D., digital scale to .1 or .01 gram accuracy for 15-30 bucks

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