A sad day in stoner land....

Discussion in 'General' started by BioHazard, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. I hate it when I buy bud that's not from the same source that I'm used to. It's hard to trust the quality of the green when it's not the stuff you smoke frequently. I had such doubts last night when my brother and I went to see one of our guys and he showed us a sexy lookin sack of bud that was lime green with about as much red hair as green leaf, not to mention it smelled like it was plucked from the plant that day. Our guy even assured us that it was primo, and that's all he's getting right now. Stuff is $50 an 1/8, so my brother got an 1/8, and I got a 1/4.

    The weed tasted great, smoked great, and the smoke smelled devine... but after 2 monster bowls between 3 people, I barely felt anything... no goofiness, no double vision, I didn't even get the munchies from it! I even smoked some before I came to work this morning (it's only been an hour and a half since I polished off the bowl), which would normally be enough to keep me lit for nearly 3 hours, lasted me under an hour!

    I feel that I wasted my money, but is there any natural way to increase the potency? I don't wanna lace it, cuz I'm not into that... but I gotta do something to make this shit worth my $100. But it just goes to show... unless it's unavoidable, you shouldn't buy from anyone but your normal source...
    *wipes away a tear*
  2. Turn it into hash...
  3. i thought only leaves were used to make hash ?
  4. that happened to me too, it looked great, smelled great, even tasted good, it just didn't have any stone. i just got some different weed and used it as filler for joints. i only had an 1/8 though

    don't make hash, i twon't work, if it doesn't get you stoned when smoking it there won't be a stone with hash
  5. No matter... I don't know how to make hash anyway. But my brother broke out his humidor, and so we're going to try to put some moisture bacj in it because it was quite dry and crumbly.

    We did also notice upon closer inspection, that the green did have seeds in it, it's just that they were so small and under developed that we could hardly see them, and they didn't change the flavor of the smoke. So it looks like this bud was picked way too soon, and probably would have been quite potent had it grown fully. We're also looking at getting some more and mixing it, so it doesn't just all-around suck..
  6. holy shit i got some of that weed too man. its real light green with lots of orange hairs smells good i think the smoke was a little wierd but yea you cant get high from it. i only got a sixteenth though so i wasnt to mad. its dosent have many crystals. the longer you wait the more it drys and it gets a little better but anyway yea you wont get high from it.
  7. I think that you need to alert the customer service department of the place you bought it.(just kidding) Also let others who may fall victim to an obviously unscrupulas "guy". That the shit aint no good.

    I'm always reffering to Hunter S Thompson. Who believes in public flogging for bad dealers.

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  8. let it dry out really nice if its still a lil bit moist.....the dryer the better in my opinion...:)
  9. Adding moisture to the bud helped tremendously... however, it still wasn't worth the 100.00 a 1/4 that I paid for it (and I think I got shorted too). The guy who sold it to me, is a true drug dealer, he doesn't just dabble in weed like all of the others I've ever got it from. It doesn't help that this guy parties EVERY night (no joke) and spends more money on his habbits than he does his daughter or even getting his BMW fixed (because he was drunk and drove over the median flattening 4 tires and killing a rim). I only bought for him in the first place because I was in need... but I don't think I'll be going back to him any time soon, if ever.

  10. theres another name for that...... commercial weed!

    grow your own and you'll get high every time:)
  11. no this is nugs with hairs and a skunky smell that dosent get you high. dude i know the difference between nugs and schwag. and if i could grow believe me i would i hate paying a shitload of money for nugs
  12. Shit ya, today was one of those days. I didn't have any friends with weed today so I went with a few friends to a park where they normally sell. Popos everywhere. Couldn't even find the dealers they were nowhere to be found. So I'm dry.

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