A Sad Day For The 14th Amendment

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    Today the California Supreme Court upheld a voter approved ban (Prop 8) on same-sex marriage, but yet in the same ruling decided that almost 18,000 gay couples who got married before the ban that took effect last November will continue as legally married couples.

    Quite remarkable isnt it? Same-sex couples who married months ago did it legally, but couples seeking the same status today, seek an illegal contract.

    Its illegal because of religious insanity.

    *Brain explodes*

    In other words, in the brief time after the first Supreme Court ruling on this issue in May 08 until the religious crazies could get a ballot initiative before the voters last November, a total of six months, same-sex marriage was legal. Now it's not. WTF? Honestly.

    The majority is shitting on the minority, at least where it concerns denying legal status to people who happen to be gay.

    How else can you read this decision?

    The State issues a marriage license, not a snarling pack of religious bigots.

    Shortly after last years ruling on the denial of the civil right of marriage, the religious assholes went to work and Prop 8 was born in an attempt (which now today has been successful) to duplicate the 2000 voter referendum that banned same-sex marriage. That law was struck down in May 08'.

    As far as im concerned, the Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, is dead. It was killed by religious knuckle draggers who keep insisting god says he doesnt want queers to marry.

    The Equal Protection Clause provides that “no state shall … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”.

    But, but, gods law is waaayyy more important than mans law! The California Supreme Court today agreed with that steaming pile of religious bullshit.:(
  2. i say let people do wahtever the fuck they want to do privately
    God never said "Men shalt not marry men, women shalt not marry women", and people have no right to talk for God (even if there is no God)
    this is private business, it won't affect anyone but the people who are marrying and MAYBE their relatives/friends. IMO the government shouldnt even have any say in this
  3. the simple fact is whether two gay people get married, or a woman aborts her fetus, it is NO ONE else's business if they can do it

    there's absolutely no argument for banning either
  4. +1, QFT, well said. /thread
  5. my only problem with gay marriage is that- i dont consider it marriage. all its doing for me is watering down the word 'marriage'

    hear me out

    honestly, gay people getting together aren't my problem, its nothing personal

    in my world, i would give them the same rights and discounts and shit or whatever they want, but call it a gay union, or fag friends, or WHATEVER

    but don't call it marriage, because even though society has been shit on over the past 50 years by political correctness and jargon like that, god forbid we keep marriage what it is, a man and a woman

    sryz if you disagree, i've been through plenty of gay marriage debates on here, im just offering my opinion
  6. I used to not really care if they could get married or not, what's the big deal?

    But then I saw all the stupid regulatory bullshit that requires a marriage license, like visiting your lover in the hospital... come on. Let the dude in.

    If we don't want to allow them to ruin their lives with marriage we should at least give them the same rights as married people, ie remove the privileges of married people.

    And enough with the religious hate. Blame Obama for luring all the minorities out to the voting booths. :D
  7. Same-Sex Marriage and the Courts - Real Clear Politics – TIME.com


  8. You raise a good point.. theyre having such a big problem getting marriage legalized for themselves.. why dont they just try and get a new form of marriage, call it something else. let them keep 'marriage' between a man and a woman..

    People are stupid.. :smoking:
  9. I consider myself a highly religious girl and I'm completely and utterly down for gay marriage.

    Why would we continue to ban gay marriage when we all know that a gay couple could be just as happy, if not happier than a straight couple? I have a pair of friends in particular who are the two most perfect people for each other, when they are together you can just feel the fabulous vibes they give off, but at the same time you feel the sadness that they will never be able to make their love "official" in the eyes of their families, god and the state.

    So many straight people abuse the right to get married. They do it for all the wrong reasons, for what? Just for it to end badly in divorce 5 years down the line?

    God, it makes me so angry that I'll never be able to see either of those girls walk down the aisle. I'll never see that beaming smile you see when the groom (or in this case bride) sees the woman she'll be spending the rest of her life with walking towards her in front of their entire family and friends supporting them.

    This depresses me. I think everyone who doesn't believe in gay marriage really needs to rethink "love" completely.
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    Religion and politics are and always will be on the same side.

    Pineapple skunk, you got a point.

  11. Call an apple a lemon, its still an apple.
  12. The only reason why the religious groups are involved is because when people get married they get married in a church...in sight of God. All those hardcore Catholics fear change and the hardcore Baptists are too square to want to change things.
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    The State should not issue benefits to any couple (gay or straight) that get married. Why punish people that remain single? That would be seperation of church and state so therefore it would be left up to the church to decide upon. If all Christian denominations don't allow then the gay community to marry then they should create their own denomination if they want to get married so damn bad

    Edit: I love the fact that the people that promote gay marriage are so critical of religious people yet the very act of getting married is a religious ceremony. Take away all the privileges that the state grants and all you are left is with religious ceremony. Let's just stop hating on single people and take away the benefits of being married.
  14. What do you mean? You dont believe that when facism comes to America it will come with the flag over the crucifix?

    I bet your man Ron Paul thinks so...
  15. That saying signifies an abuse of the meek by the elite. The fascist leaders would adopt their policies under the guise of religious morality and nationalism.

    Its the same thing Obama is doing, except the religion of his base is big government liberalism. Only the government can save the economy, right?
  16. The next best thing to an all gay church!
    Unitarian Universalism

    God is the Mayor of Las Vegas? That's where most people I know get married...

    How can you screw up the sanctity of a Las Vegas Wedding, and a Tijuana Divorce?


    Gays would probably have messed up the holy sanctified matrimony of House odds, uniting together with drunken horny vacationers ... to produce marriages of deitific catastrophe levels...

    I think the entire gay population of California should move to Iowa, or New Hampshire, or Massachusetts, or some other more liberal state, immediately!


  17. Unfortuantly, no bill has been passed here in NH yet.
  18. Yes, but is your State Supreme Court now contradicting it's own previous decisions in order to appease the Mormon and Catholic Churches?

    Because in California, ours now apparently does that.

    A marriage is only a contract, between two persons...until now.

    Now, we have actually legislated sexual segregation, mandating inequality, and it has passed Supreme Court review at State level.

    This decision has some much bigger ramifications than only gay marriage. This is a human rights issue, and an equality under the law issue, and to have a court decide against equal rights in the face of religious pressure is very disturbing.

    My two lesbian neighbor's are married, they got in under the wire...but their friend's who did not, well, they'll just keep on living in sin, I guess.

    Un-blessed by the gods of California, Rome, or Salt Lake City...
  19. I think a bill will soon pass here in NH, hopefully Gov. Lynch signs it.
  20. If God wanted gays to get married, Jesus would have spoken with a lisp. Come on folks, use some common sense.

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