A routine I want to start tomorrow, any advice? (150lbs, 6'3'')

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    Hello everyone.

    Basically I am fed up with how I look, I am what you would call a "skinny-fat" person. I am 6'3'' and only 150lbs, 18 years old. My arms and legs are skinny, more my arms than legs, and then I have somewhat of a belly where my fat goes.

    My goal: I want to gain muscle weight( arms and legs is number 1 priority ) but at the same time I want to get rid of my belly fat!

    I DO NOT gym so I made myself this routine which I am going to start tomorrow.

    HIIT to burn my stomach fat:

    Warm Up: 120sec speed walk
    then 30sec jog, 10sec sprint, 30sec jog, 10sec sprint...

    Repeat this until I cant do anymore.

    I am going to count and see how much and how long I can do this and then decide if I need to adjust my times for my HIIT. I'm just starting out so I think a 10min max HIIT for the first week then increase 2-5mins every week?

    To gain muscle:

    about 2weeks ago I started tot lift a 10kg weight, normal dumbel curls or whatever(I just lift the weights) I can do 10 +- on left arm and about 15 on my right, but I keep my right to the same amount as my left so that strength can even out. So..

    10kg weight. 10 +- reps, 5 sets per arm
    40 push ups, 2 sets (40x2 = 80)
    30 crunches, 2 sets (30x2 = 60)

    I think to add 10 crunches and 10pushups per set, per week. AND 1 set every week to my weight lifting.

    HIIT day 1, muscle gain day 2 and so on..

    How does this look to start off? I am really motivated, also I am considering protein shakes but I am not sure if my routine is hard enough to make use of whey protine and I am sorta scared that my acne will get bad(I get mild acne from time to time.. but like really mild)

    ok, so how does this look? Any advice I would really appreciate guys! thaaaanks! :)

  2. id say that looks pretty bad. you're not gonna gain much muscle doin those types of movments with only bodyweight resistence. you need to either get some weights or get a gym membership.
    also your warm up might be a burn out. just jog for like 10 min then stretch then work out then stretch again.
    also, loseing fat and building muscle at the same time is really hard, they kind of counteract each other. start bulking buy getting about 150g of protien per day and also catalog your daily diet and see how many calories your eating per day. then try to eat about 250-500 calories more than that per day. when you stop gaining weight add another 250-500 caloris per day. and keep 1g per protien per pound of body weight.
    and look up the training program "starting strength" and do that.
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    I see, I thought that loosing my belly fat trying to gain muscle at the same time is going to be hard or not work at all. Also that warmup is not warmup for my weight session but for my HIIT training session (where you run at your max speed for x amount of time then, slow down for X time then run again at your max again for x amount of time etc) .. Also im sorta scared to 'bulk' because I dont want anymore fat on my belly, but I guess this wont happen since I do it with weight training?

    I'll have a look at that program thanks!
  4. yeah dont worry about bulking the rest of your body will even out with your belly fat. you'd prob. be better off joining a forum like bodybuilding.com or wannabebig.com youll learn a lot from those
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    6'3 and 150 pounds? how the hell could you possibly have a gut.. thats scronny as shit.. toothpick arms and legs and a 150 pound gut? :p that just dosnt sound right haha.. man eat some food im 6'0 203 pounds and i kno im kinda thick, but id rather start with more weight then be that low and workout nothing.. maybe instead of 2 sets.. try 3 sets with a bit less reps.. dont forget to take a toke break!!! its nice to sit down relax for a minute smoke a bowl and then get back into it even harder then you started.. i LOVE WEED!!
  6. if you want to lose weight the only way to do it is to eat less, eat better food (fruits, vegetables, organic) and do CARDIO

    you can lift as much as you want and get huge, but if you dont do a form of cardio you will not be cut and will still have the gut.

    do some





    -shadowboxing or punching bag/ speed bag

    -jump rope

    and the only way you we see improvements is by working your ass off. You may lose weight walking or jogging a few times a week but you get what you put in you know what i mean?
  7. Haha :smoke::smoke:. I'll post a pic tomorrow of my upperbody so you guys can get an idea! Oh and by the way I do eat enough, actually I eat too much, I eat more than my friends who are heavier than me!. I know it doesn't make sense but thats it.

    It looks like I'll have to get to the gym and gym fucking hard. I'm thinking only n 10-20min run as a warmup and the rest of the time would be weight training for muscle gain.
  8. Your Warm-up is nice, i might give some of it a try
  9. good shit bro.. it means you have a fast metabilism.. not sure if thats spelling correctly.. hehe but anyways, i like to hit the gym, start with good 5-10 stretch, 10-15 min on the bike, then start my workout, either going to play a few hours of basketball or just a few pick up games then hit the weights, doing each machine 8 reps 3 sets, increasing weight each day, always finishing off with another bike ride for 10-15 minutes, then stretching again before i leave... just dont give ur self to much of a break in between machines, i like to keep it a cardio workout the whole time.. i personally dont like running so i enjoy the bike, doing my share of running during the games of basketball.. but you should finish ur workout with a run and start it with a run..
  10. Maybe for you?

    1.) Stretch for 10 minutes, each position for 3-5 seconds until you feel the stretch / Alternate

    2.) 10-15 minute warm up run Half/Full speed. not enough to burn your self out just enough to get your heart rate up above 130, not exactly sure

    3.) Upper body day a / Lower body day b. 3 sets 8 reps each, incriments of 5 pounds each day.. Remember only work out your upper body one day, lower body the next

    4.) Maybe a couple pick up games of basketball.. Crunches ( 3 sets 15 reps ) total 60 each time, you kno crunch to ur left , straight up, then to the right, so 15 each.. Maybe add a 10 pound ball your last set..

    5.) 15-20 minute swim, freestyle mixing in breast stroke, backstroke, hold your breath and drop to the bottom of the pool, working out ur lung capacity, basicly for me the pool is just to cool off and relax my muscles..

    6.) Finish off with a 15/20 minute run.. half/full speed

    7.) Make sure to stretch it all off.. so you dont cramp up or feel twice as sore the next day..

    8.) maybe finish it all off in the sauna.. drop all that extra water weight, and make sure to fully hydrate yourself with plenty of water.. WATER IS KEY!! you dont want to deprive ur muscles of it or they will burn off and you will only gain fat..

    I kno i dont kno much about working out but this is a nice base that will absolutely get your mind on track to working out and maintaining it.. theres nothing better then coming home and feeling sore as fuck after a hard workout.. Very self assuring.. stay blazed and it will make you forget about the elapsed time, and how much you have left to do.. :smoke:
  11. I had the same problem as you. I was 6'3 and 155 pounds and i ate alot more than my friends but i couldnt gain any weight. I decided i wanted to start working out because i was tired of being real skinny. If you think that puch ups and crunches are goin to get you ripped then you are mistaking. You have to do a variety of exercises. Otherwise you will hit the plateau and not bulk up. It takes a while to get where you want to be. I busted my butt at the gym for almost a year now and i am 186 pounds now. Work out 4 times a week (Back & Biceps, Chest & Triceps, Legs, Shoulders & Abs) All on different days. Do cardio twice a week after any two workouts you choose. At least 30min. If you stick to a plan like this and eat even more you will get bigger.
  12. Read This! Then read it again, I am 6'3 165 lb and I am happy with my weight i just want to get stronger, fitter and quicker. Since I want to stay in the middleweight bracket. However I have read a lot about bulking, and toning, do not worry about your belly fat, you will loose that as you start to hit the gym and start eating the right foods.

    I thoroughly recommend you getting a gym membership or buying some home weights (nothing extravagant, just free weights will be fine). You need to work all of your muscles each week, make a split - meaning you do a different exercise each day, giving each muscle time to rebuild.

    For Example:
    Monday - Chest
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wednesday - Arms
    Thursday - Shoulders
    Friday - Back

    Calves - Tuesday and Friday
    Abs - Monday and Thursday
    Cardio - Monday Wednesday

    Also, diet is just as, if not more important than working out!

    The five day split above was taken from http://www.revampedlifestyle.com/Weight-Training/5-Day-Split.html. Read away!
  13. Ace7644 is right on. Don't listen to all these other people, and don't waste your energy with un-necessary volume in your workouts. Check out Wannabebig.com.

    Starting strength is a good starting program. If you are serious, get a gym membership. There are seven heavy compound lifts that you should be doing. Squats, bench press, deadlift, pullups, dips, rows, and military press. Work out 2-3 times a week, do each lift at least once a week, eat like a pig, and sleep alot. It's going to be really, really hard to pack muscle on to your skinny body.

    Squats are by far the most important lift that you should be doing. HEAVY weight, 5-10 reps, lift untill you physically can't get another rep.

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