A Riddle For Your Little Brains

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  1. Given twelve marbles that are identical in size, shape, and color, determine which single marble is heavier in weight than the others. You are supplied with a balance and must conclude your determination in three weighings.

    First one to get it gets a surprize.:hello:

  2. Put six on one side, six on the other. The heavier side has the heavier marble, so divide that side in half. Put three on one side, three on the other. Again, the heavier side has the heavier marble. Weigh any two of the remaining three...if it's balanced, the remaining marble is the heaviest. If not, you know which one the heaviest is.
  3. she got it
  4. She copied my answer

  5. She got it.

  6. That's telekinesis, Kyle.

    :laughing: Not really.
  7. thats no fair. first poster isnt soposed to get it :mad:

    heh, nice job hempress
  8. Kyle?
  9. [/quote] [/quote]

    she got it.
  10. Incorrect. You are assuming that of the final three, two are equal in weight which is never stated. One of the two weighed could be heavier than the other, but the one not weighed could be even heavier.

  11. Haha, from a Tenacious D song.
  12. Oh haha my bad

  13. He said only one was heavier than the others.
  14. she got it
  15. Awesome tenacious d refrence!
  16. So did I win? What's my prize?
  17. [​IMG]
  18. If you give a mod a cookie, she's going to ask for a glass of milk.
  19. I can has milk, plz?
  20. hold up ill get you a straw to drink it with......

    i think thats the next part of that lil escopade....damn i spelled that wrong...i suck at spelling stuff

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