a return to the good ole days of trippin!

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, May 18, 2003.

  1. a return to the good ole days

    I'm gonna go into town with a jar of mushrooms to see my old tripping & smoking buddy. he no longer smokes but he still trips. :D

    these shroomies gotta be eaten pretty quick cos some of them r going hairy...

    getting a lift right now... i'll be back tomorow to tell yas about it if its interesting.....
  2. ... either you are still wasted or in hospital...
  3. Digi-baby had better be wasted and not in the hospital.

    Get your ass back here and tell us about the trip!!!! ;)
  4. he knows what he is doing im sure he will be fine :D anything bad happens tho i blame it on the hairs hehe, cant trust em with anything
  5. marijuana with little red hairs = good
    mushrooms with little red hairs = bad
  6. Hey Digit,

    To "hair" is human
    To "forage", divine...

    Just a couple of quick Q's for ya:

    1) Are the shrooms indiginous to your area?
    2) What's the LSD scene like over there?

    I eagerly await your anticipated reply.

  7. firstly to answer lord rush's Qs:
    1. they most certainly are. picked last season... im starting to think good mushrooms improve with age (if dried correctly of course).
    2. either non existant or far more underground than i am party to. when i was Down south nearer the central belt of Scotland at least i was aware of it ... but would have seen alot more had i been on the West coast rather than east.

    and the trip....
    goody goody goody. I didn't go for the all out massive shamanic experience i did on my last trip, but this one was just as profound, revealing and insightfull. i took just short of 200 (a fairly modest amount by my standards) on an near empty stomache... nothing but two bananas in there. ;) . I'm still in that calm, mellow thinking afterphase (and boy do i love it). We watched 2001 as the trip began to take hold. and throughout it i realised that this trip was quite unlike anyother i had experienced. Far less visual (although there were things to see) this was a trip of the body and the mind. I experienced powerfull pulses through my body for tiny instances where i felt completely linked to the infinity of everything. more religious people would perhaps call it a sensation of closness to god. My friend "rog" throughout the evening took considerably more than I (perhaps as much as 800-1000 we estimated), but he had eaten alot throughout the day. As with all the best and most important trips, there were highs and there were lows... thanks to the bananas the lows never got to that deap dark places of absolute terror and catatonic dispair. Once the film was over... an amzing experience i might add... we listened to some fairly chilled electronica and a little classical and rock. we sat and discussed a great many things, most of it of course related to tripping. The trip for me (unlike any other mushroom trip i have had, but exactly as i experienced in my lone LSD trip) was burdend with the annoyance of having limbs.. they felt incumbersome and a nuisance, i didnt want to be lumbered with a body.. i just wanted to be mind.the discussions we had were completely free from inhibitions and all the many things that hold us back in "reality", our ideas fed of each other in an almost completely unbroken chain, only pausing now and again as we became preoccupied with either halucination or thought. We (both being artists) "attempted" to draw some of the things our imaginations took us to withresults little better than i expected. I wish i could share with you to a better extent the amazing thoughts and conversations we had, but to even begin to attempt to, would either do the experience a great injustice, or, I would be here typing it all out for thousands and thousands of words... i'll spare you that trauma and simply say... it was an amazing experience (as always) and a trip like no other. and above all... it felt like a great bonding process.

    (sorry for the cheesy ending)


    ps, i tried to fly by jumping of a really tall building :D lol
  8. i gotta get me some shrooms this summer
  9. u mean autumn right?


    they dont show up until after the county show usually (depends on weather though).

    i got some left over still... but they're being saved incase my buddy i met in Dunders comes up to visit. ;)
  10. sounds fun, i want to try them and eat enough for the shamanic experience. treasure those little shroomies, because not everyone, like myself, can get shrooms!

  11. damn it, I want to try shrooms very badly as well, the problem is that the only guy I know that can get them is a complete ass :(

    oh, and I'm glad yer trip was closer to shamanic than dramatic
  12. "u mean autumn right?"

    yeah, whenever there is a break in education for a few days

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