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a real city

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by billy dempsey, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. dude you know those thought you have when your high i just thought that we should all build a real grasscity...and like all ive there that would be tight and thered be so much smoke in the air you could rpolly get rtipped off just like breathingg woaaaah im going crosseyes but anyone agrew twith me?
  2. Dude, I SO agree with you. I say we find an island and make that one but stoners will live there and life would just kick ass!!!!
  3. As long as there's monkey butlers, I'm there.
  4. we need to buy an island..

    maybe we acn all mail billgates, and tell him we KNOW hes a stoner, and make him buy us all a stoner island!! :D
  5. yeah dude onetime i saw on the news there was an island for sale on ebay a long time ago, but they wanted like 22 mil and were only offered like 4.5 mil
  6. I totally agree with the idea. I wanted to start a stoner colony on the moon, but I guess I'll have to settle for a terrestial setting.
  7. Hell ya, that'd be so fucking cool.. No laws on cannabis! We could all grow a different strain and like trade with each other! Our currency would be B-U-D!
  8. Wow... that would be sooooooooo wicked... An island where all people do is smoke weed lol....... our main economy would be stores that sell munchies, and you buy those munchies with weed lol (trade)
  9. I want one of those, bicycle, bamboo, coconut cars like Gilligan had!
  10. excelent idea... i say we should build an island of the coast of Holland (as south as possable before it's considered belgian coast so we can pick up as much heat as possable). but it would miraculously be a part of canada and the EU.

    Monkey butlers is a must. where could we get the monkey butlers from? should we get them from a cannabis friendly country? or should we liberate some oppressed monkeys from a prohibitionist country?

    ... wait a minute... wtf am i talking about!???!?!?? I LIVE ON AN ISLAND.... the Orkney Islands... there's like about 100 little islands dotted about... we could build the city here... there's already a few high profile cannabis activists here. ... nah... that's a crap idea... its waaaay to cold and windy here, but then u do get wonderfull long days in the summer... u get a 10 hour twilight-sunset-sunrise effect... and northern lights (the aurora-borialis kind) sometimes through the winter.

    anyways... i think we just found a new goal for superjoint. amass enough money from bong sales to buy an island for the blades... lol.
  11. rock on man, half the island a mini amsterdam, and the other half a field of northern lights!!
    lets pitch in and get an island!!!
    i got 20 bucks lol

  12. There'll be one at first, but he'll train others

    **A brownie to whoever knows where that's from :D**
  13. a cheetch and chong movie?

    uhh.... dazed and confused?

    uhh... uhh...... noooooo damnit i wanta brownie!
  14. Well, Digit can have one for free, but everybody else has to work for it


    Edit- Brownie still up for grabs!
  15. i say we do liek the movies. Only a little differnt.

    (this is gonna be long)

    Find an Island that no one knows about... or at least ever goes to. Around the beach there should be a big stone wall so no one could see in. Then there is the beach, a long white sand beach... with water u can see to the bottom of all the way down packed with juicy exzotic fish. On the beach (the back part) were the palm trees start to grow, is were the housing and other buildings are built. There will be a town hall (more like a town party central) everyones own strong bamboo huts. Fire pits for cooking, and tools for whatever jobs people do. Behind that, is the tropical forest. Here you can find tons of animals for food, berry;s, and super rich soil. A bit into the woods, there is a clearing made. There is about 100 acre's of weed, everyone has their own section for differnt varieties. behind the feild, into the forest a bit, grow the sexiest mushrooms you ever ate. The surroundings your in when your trippin make all the differnce. I love trippin in the woods.. imagine it in a rain forest.
  16. just like the movie The Beach!

    those people were sweet, if we had something like that, especially with all them feilds of weeeeeeeeeeed.
    thatd be the life for sure!
  17. LOL....The Simpsons!

    And every night, the monkey butlers will regale us with jungle stories

    How many monkey butlers?

    One at first...but he'll train others.

    Lol@the Simpsons shit... Taht was from Lord Of The Flies... I had to read that shit for school, but instead I watched the simpsons episode
  19. who knew paradise could be so funny.

    ::: Digit stops drooling and staring @ the brownie and eats it ::: thnx hempress.

    imagine walking around in the grasscity... "just popping out to the feild for a moment.... i might stop by past the hempress's hut for some brownies and offer her a joint of my new BubblegumXWhiteWidow"

    we'd have smoke outs at everyones hut and on the beach, on the mountainside, bongs in the pool by the waterfall, joints in the trees with the monkey butlers, cocnut bongs from superjoint who would become the importer of all parifernalia from around the world, it would be perfect. ...::: digit drifts of into dream land :::

    it would be great

    wouldn't it be cool even if we could just get a virtual environment for the grasscity...

    love the dome idea.

    hey.. has anyone ever tried crossing whitewidow with bubblegum to make "white gum" or "bubble widow"? heehee.
  20. I swear If I ever win the lottery some day, I'm Goin to And buyin an Island and callin it grasscity. No taxes, Or Police. Everyone will Help With everything. No Single job, Everyone Helps Run everything. The government will consist of every resident, There for Every decision made will have the input of Literally everyone. It will Be The Best Place It the whole fuckin world. I Think we shoul all start buyin lottery tickets, and who ever wins Can buy the island!:)

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