A rather F****d situation.

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  1. Basically i'll outline the key parts of this shit because to be quite honest it's not worth going into too much.
    I had been working as a chef for 3 years in a local restaraunt near me and really fitted in and was genuinely happy there. However my single mom wasn't happy with me working here and constantly nagged me to get a "career".
    This pissed me off for a long time but i applied for a lot of apprenticeships, I have a good set of qualifications but i can work really well with my hands. I didnt get anything then one day randomly my mom hooked me up with this security systems apprenticeship so I went with it (Mainly to please her but I knew myself my cheffing job was a dead end and led nowhere).
    So for the past 6 months I have been a security systems apprentice. It was fine at first but upon realisation a lot of the engineers i were assigned with were total dickheads and they hated their lives and their jobs. Since January time I have been sick of this job, I have no interest in it. I'm much more mechanically minded rather than electronically and my boss seemed to think i was just the best thing ever when i first started?!?! However went into work this morning and my boss asked me to come into the office, sat me down and said some of the engineers had complained about me not doing things correctly and my boss is also funding my college course for this job. He continued on saying he would pull the plug on my job if i didn't sort it out.
    I felt pretty gutted as he had always been very happy with me since I began but also thought to myself that I'm not enjoying this, It's a lot worse than my previous job and I can't see myself continuing on in this career path in the next 5 years. The salary is also piss poor and doesnt go anywhere in the long run. So I'm quitting I have 90% decided the only reason i would stay is to get a career to fall back on but it's depressing the shit out me currently.

    I had to vent this somewhere as it's been messing with my head all day! Next up a nice king doobie of Amnesia Haze. That'll solve the problem at least till 6am tomoro morning. :cool:
  2. I guess you can't let your mom decide your career path,
    I would've stayed as a chef tbh but thats because I enjoy working in a restaurant.

    Enjoy your smoke man.
  3. good choice man, don't want to be stuck doing something you don't like.
  4. Doing something you hate<doing something you enjoy
    Clear choice dude
  5. If its shitty pay, and you dont like it
    Fuck that.
  6. I feel ya man. Theres the constant struggle to please others or yourself. At the end of the day do what u want. If your mom isnt happy with your choice she should atleast respect you chose your own path
  7. maybe show ur mom ur serious about cooking and take some colinary clases, and look for a better chef job. earn her respect rather than just submit to what she wants for you. sounds like a hell of a decision tho, its sure easy for me to tell u what to do on the internet, but im aware its not really like that in your reality.
  8. same shit with me man, except I wire Data/Nurse Call/Security. actually it's pretty breathtaking how accurately this fits my life too, except my boss didnt threaten me. I just got written up by this one dickhead for making a small mistake. Also, feel like quitting too but don't want to for a bit so I can have a fallback career :D
  9. Ask what you haven't done correctly or what you can improve upon, listen to the response and act/learn accordingly.
    If you ARE doing everything right, then they won't be able to show you much.
  10. Don't quit before you have another job man.

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