A rap of mine, check it out

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    Get money, get blunted, fuck women
    You say its wrong but thats the way i like livin
    I like gettin, gettin, gettin high
    Off this chronic that i get from the medical guy
    Im too fly so dont you ever try to be me
    One of the best so dont try and defeat me
    Cuz ill leave your body bloodied and beaten
    You aint shit to me but one semen
    I swear dogg ill tear you straight in half
    Chopper bullets aint slow so i hope your the flash
    So you can dip, duck, twist outta the way
    So you can get by, survive, see another day
    But hey tho, no way tho, i know you aint flash
    So you know that its over when you hear the click clack
    And the BANG, and thats when you know the games over
    Always stay with a nine and my belt is the holster
  2. Break it up bro so i can feel the flow.
  3. nice verse breh.

    and to the guy above, thats a standard 16 bar verse. perfect length

  4. Thanks
    And he said break it up cuz it was like a paragraph for a minute cuz my computer was goin dumb on me for a sec

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