A raisin in the sun

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  1. If anyone could come up with a clever title for a paper i have to right on this it would be greatly appreciated. right now the working title is TANNED RAISINS. i got about 5 pages due tomorrow and i just took and addy so im about to tear it up.:hello:
  2. heres a few off the top of my dehydrated head:

    well done grapes
    refried grapes
    the raisinettes last stand
    the cruxifiction of snacks
    tasty toasted treat
    sunbeams and sugarfruit
    randy the raisin gets melanoma
  3. random thought.

    Has anyone seen that futurama where bender meets god. It is pure genius. I can seriously say it changed my whole thought process.

    Heres my theory.

    Our world will def. destroy itself eventually ( could be 100,000 years or so but its happening) it will then start over. whos to say we are the first Earth or whatever the inhabitants (gangsta word) called it. There is not sense of time in space. They could have been more advanced (had wings, spoke different languages etc. Each world would evolve completley unaware of any previous lifeforms. hypothetically speaking there could have been hundreds on planets before us. all completley different depending on evolution, adaption, gases in the solar system (if they had one), etc... sure there are a lot of lifeless planets but every billion years or so everything will happen just right, like the sun being the right distance, oxygen or whatever, and then BAM a new planet.

    sorry the addy has got me worked up. this is some trippy shit though
  4. ^on a side note that is one of my favorite episodes lol
  5. i can easily say it is my mostessst favoritesst television episode of all time.

    Yesterday i said something disrespectfull about easter and religion. (backstory: I was raised into a catholic family and went to catholic school till 4th grade, so i kinda had religion shuved down my throat. other catholics will know what im talking about.) But anyway i got a flat tire on the way home. Coincidence?
  6. Thats a gauranteed winner right there. I laughed my ass off at that title. USE IT! :hello:

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