A quick question that u experts will know.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by I_Want_To_Grow, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. my friend wanted me to ask on this what he can do to make his buds more potent.. just say what u need to get them more potent and i will tell him... the plants dont even have pistils yet i dont think so it aint like they already budding.
  2. Potency....

    Im sorry my friend there isn't much you can do about how potent a plant is.

    What you can do is make sure the plant has proper nutes, plenty of light, and enough care. this should make your girls beutiful and they will be good to you back!

    Remember on any grow the key to a good grow is LIGHT. lots of it in the right spectrum. if your going to do it do it right HPS lights are the best investment you can buy... they will pay you back

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  3. Potency is in the strain, can't add anything to increase it.
  4. alright cool thanks. ill just tell him to buy some decent lights.
  5. no no no no no, lights wont make a strain more potent, it will just bring it to its potential... the only way to get more potient weed is too get more potient strains...
  6. If the genes are in the plant, better light bring out the potentcy and so does growing by Hydro versus soil.
  7. k thanks.. yeah i know it is strain i said he needs new lights cuz i doubt his buds will turn out very well.. he only has like maybe one or two $6 dollar plant lights@@. i know they dont work good but his plants are growing and for some reason everyone around here thinks that they can grow with shitty lights but he'll learn soon enough.

  8. but.... if its a strain with only an 15% THC concentration, and you use the best lights, you will not by any means have the plant produce anything higher then 15%. 15% is the best it will do, under the most perfect enviroment... and though Hydro is better then soil, but thats if a person knows how to do it correctly, Hydro creates a very very very small margin of error compared to soil grown... so if this is a first timers grow... do soil not hydro... hell i've been growing for about 2 years, and still make mistakes, and with hydro you have to know everything your going to do at 110% knowledge... anyways.... thats my .02 cents

  9. My reply was meant to say that good lights and a good technique will maximize the potential offf a plant. If 15% is all you can get from a strain, then you had better be doing everything right to get it to produce at 15% and lights and hydro are two of the ways to max it out.

    Hydro is not that tough to learn, it has a better margin of error than soil IMHO. When you fuck up in soil, you usually don't find out about it until its too late to fix. When you fuck up in hydro, you know about it the next day and can have it fixed the next day.

    GG420, if you want to learn hydro bubble bucket method, just pm me and I'll pass on what I know. Once you go wet, you never go back.
  10. yeah dude, i didnt want to come off as trying to bitch at you, but it came off as bad info, and i didnt know if thats what you meant or if you just sort-of came off wrong, i just didnt want anyone to misunderstand it...

    Really, im not that interested in hydro... i have quite a set up at my pad, and i am very content with soil... but if i deside to switch, ill pm you... peace

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