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  1. Hello! Quick question!

    Where do you guys buy your paraphernalia from? Do you buy it online or do you just go to the smoke shop?
  2. Head shop, gifts from friends.
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  3. I go Online. Lots of smoke shops have some...pricey china... *cough*
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  4. Or from our wonderful forums online smokeshop
  5. What makes you guys want to buy from an online smokeshop? Is it because of the price or the piece itself? Do you care if the shipping takes forever, but it's free?
  6. Either could be a factor in that, even if shipping wasn't free.
  7. I buy all my pieces at my local headshop. Good prices and don't have to wait for shipping (Grasscity has pretty slow shipping speeds).

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  8. I just buy from wherever is convenient. Being in NL shipping from grasscity is generally next day.

    I prefer to sponsor the local headshop, so if they have it I usually buy from them. Instant gratification is worth a few € to me. Web shops can't hope to compete with that.
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