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A question for those who still get bloodshot eyes...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floydian_Slip, May 16, 2006.

  1. Whats up everyone,

    I've been smoking bud several times a day for almost a year now and my eyes still get a little red. I've never ingested weed before though. I'm going to a few concerts this summer and of course I want to be high. Since some of them are indoors I feel kinda sketchy smoking so i plan on making some brownies. My question is will eating bud brownies give you the same red, glassy eyes that smoking gives you? Its not a big deal if it does, but I just wanted to know if I should bring some eye drops with me.

  2. yea eating bud brownies gives me red eye, but i think eating brownies for a concert is a bad idea, every time i eat weed i get a really lazy high and end up watching tv not moving for hours. Just smoke before the concert, try to get your stuff in, and if alot of ppl are smoking around you (there should be unless its a gay concert) then light up
  3. yeah I hate red eyes. Ive been smokin daily for a good amount of time now but they still get as red as when i first smoked
  4. my eyes don't get as red as when I was a newb, but I think thats partially due to the fact that I never cough anymore. Yeah, brownies give me red-eye, once when I ate too much (its never rly too much) they got worse than they ever have smokin.
  5. Dunno about that, buddy ate 9 hash brownies and couldn't move for hours. It was pretty serious :eek:
  6. yo if your going to concerts indoors then there will be a lot of other people smoking the good shit too. either find somone you can bum off, or roll a blunt before you go, you wont get caught unless you light it infront of a security gaurd

    once its lit enjoy

    P.S what concert are you going to

  7. I'm trying to get tix to Tom Petty at Madison Square Garden next month. I'm obviously not worried about being the only one blazed there. I just thought brownies would be easier to deal with since me and my friends can't roll for shit. Maybe I'll reconsider them though. I'm hopefully getting an oz in a few days but my guy's dealer has to re-up (I've been dry for like 3 days now and I've never been so bored). After I get my zip I'll probably whip up a batch anyway to see how I react to the brownies. If its the wrong kind of high, like a few others said, I'll just practice rolling for a month.

    I"m also hitting up the warped tour and i also got 2 free tickets for the goo goo dolls/ counting crows in august. Their not my favorites but a free concert is a free concert.

    Oh and thanks for the feedback from everyone!
  8. uy can smoke in most venues just look for the huge guys (guards) and ur fine
  9. Yo are u seeing Goo Goo Dolls at PNC..I see your from NJ with 732 area near Red Bank. I was thinking about getting tickets to that show, but anyways, smoking at PNC (Outdoors) is really easy actually, i have seen more people get busted with cigs than with weed. At the Garden it sould be pretty easy too but at every gate leading into the seating there is usually a guard so watch out for them. Good luck getting tix to Tom Petty, I'm also trying to get some.
  10. first bowl of the day, i get red eyed. after that, not so bad.
  11. I've been an every-dayer for about four years now. Year 1 was a bowl a day... year 2 was 2 bowls a day... year 3 3 bowls, and year 4... you get the idea. Anyway, my eyes get just as red as they used to while I'm high. I'm armed with visene no matter where i am. seriously dude... friends always fuck around with me when I'm high about how red my eyes are... cause they know how paranoid I get about it. like, honestly... there are plenty of times when I get totally baked and don't put in eyedrops. when i'm just chillin around the house and what not... but sometimes you can tell I'm high from around 15-20ft away because of how abnormally red my eyes are. Way too red to pass off as allergies lol

    Anyway, brownies'll red up your eyes, but probably not as badly as smoking does. Last time i ate brownies i was too high to remember to wonder if my eyes were red. and I also second the advice someone gave you. brownies are the shit... don't get me wrong... but I don't think they're gonna give you the kind of high you want for a concert.
  12. I am from jersey but I'm way north (Sussex County) with a 973 area code. Red Bank's probably about 2-3 hours away. anyway, the tickets aren't for PNC, they're at a place called the Bethel Woods Center for Arts. I think its in upstate NY somewhere or maybe PA.
  13. Im identical to this guy. When i first started i remember looking in the mirrior and almost looking at pools of lava.. now, I honestly couldnt even tell you the last time I've seen my self with red eyes.. well after I get done smokin out of some of meatwads giant bongs I notice a little glaze, but hell.. I dont care. Still not obvious enough as some people.
  14. Visine is the answer....
    a drop in each eye just before you toke, and a drop in each eye a half hour afterwards and your clear ;)

  15. Straight up ... I've been tokin' up since the early '90s, and my eyes still get glowing red after burning or ingesting. A little Visine before and a little after makes all the difference.

  16. Dude I can teach you some real easy ways to roll that you could get right in about 2 days.

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