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A Question for the Ages

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by rosb698, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. OKAY, SO. i've been reading up alot on this MMJ movement stuff and along with everything else. and i have a question.

    all those "venice beach recs" are dam near all illegitamate. people that wanna get legal easy go there and its quiete notorious. BUT why dont they go get their CA state ID card even though so if they get into it with the police they have the card and its virtually impossible to be arrested and trialed for court?

    even though they may fake their conditions and still get their rec but dont all you need to get your CA state ID card IS your rec not your proof of conditions? correct?

    so what puzzles me is why dont they spend the extra $ on the CA ID card and be well protected under the law. instead they choose to flaunt their recs around buy ounces and ounces at a time and look like a bunch of fools.....:confused:

    Note: im about to use the search engine
  2. Well, for one thing, the state ID card is something like $163 per year ON TOP of the cost of your recommendation. For another, your personal information DOES go into a secure database, which the State has repeatedly said that the Feds can have access to. NOW, what the feds can or can not do with that information is up in the air, and not one patient who's gotten a state ID card has gotten busted because of it...

    But you asked reasons why MMJ patients wouldn't get the State ID, and those are the two biggest reasons.

    Personally I can't afford the $163 per year on top of my recommendation.
  3. Its worth it if you can afford it i guess but yea thats a bit much just for the year.

    but all that goes in is the PERSONAL information right (name, address, etc)? not what you use MMJ for right?

    dam i didnt even kno that the feds can use your information like that. thanks for enlightning me willis.

    i kno people have mixed feelings about your opinions on MMJ but i think you have the most knowledge of anyone in this forum and i appreciate what you do. btw :cool:
  4. Why are Feds allowed access to patient medical records? This violate the HIPPA laws.

    The DEA tried to suponia OMP records and they were refused. Federal judge ruled that they have no rights to patient records.

    Point about the card - what would it cost to hire a lawyer? A lot more that tne card. Also with rec - the cops can take your meds and claim it is forgery, the ticxket or arrest. For the cost of a can of soda- you get a lot of protection. 50 cents per day is cheap insurance.

  5. I wish I knew why California would allow the Feds to access the database, but they can. I'll try to find a link.
  6. Whoa, whoa. You can get a recommendation without having a cali state license?
  7. Yes. The law says nothing about living in cali or requiring state ID. But the law does cover everyone who is currently in the state, which can include people who are "RESIDING" there in hotels for a couple days...

    I don't live in Cali, but I do have a doctor's rec.

  8. No, where did you get that idea? You MUST be a Resident of California to get a legal Medical Marijuana Recommendation in California.

    How the hell did you manage that?
  9. Hey WildWill,

    I know of a place in SF where you dont even need your state ID card. I know it is a very horrible thing and that it does hurt mmj really bad and tarnishes peoples views of it. But it is possible to obtain a rec without a state id.

  10. Why would you not have a state issued ID or DL? All clubs ask for state ID so you're going to need some form of ID.

  11. I do have a state issued ID, I got my rec from a place in Oakland, Im just saying I know of a shady place in SF that doesnt require ID.
  12. thats just nuts about the place in SF withought a california id and doesnt answer any of the questions i was talking about.

    start a new thread try not to highjack.(polite voice)

    clinton made a wonderful point btw. 50 cents a day for insurance of your rights aint bad.
    +rep to clinton
  13. #13 Heavy_nutz, Sep 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2009
    Your questions have been answered:rolleyes:

    Im not hijacking your thread, im answering questions that have been posted in your thread.

    EDIT: I just noticed in your OP, Why is buying ounces and ounces being a fool????
  14. that's $15/month, any one should be able to afford that. Theres no one out there that can't afford that, even homeless people should be able to afford that with collecting cans all day.
  15. Not anyone can afford that. A rec is $100 every year, and it would be $163 ON TOP OF THAT so $263 a year and you havent even gotten any meds yet. So no I dont believe anyone can afford it. I for one certainly cant but Im not bitching about it. I rather spend the money on meds rather than a card and no meds.
  16. So grow some bud get the card and sell to friends. If busted your all legit. geesh.

  17. Selling to friends isnt legit at all:rolleyes:

    Thats dealing and you go to jail.
  18. wether someone wants to spend the extra 163 is up to them if they cant afford it then whatever in their eyes thats like i'll just guestimate 3 1/ths of high end meds that can be purchased and if theyre doctor would represent them in court then the rec would hold up anyways so the card wouldnt be necassary

    i was just curious why the people who dont have legit problems who go to illegitamate doctors to get a rec and then just go to get the state ID card and never even worry about getting busted.

    but i've been looking on websites and i think you need your physician statement (which you dont need obviously if you went somewhere like venice beach) to get the state ID card.

    a little research goes a long wayy.

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