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A question for the 2-3 week smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I smoke every day but want to cut down because of the cost. My question is what days do you pick to smoke on and why? Do you have schedules smoking days or do you just smoke when you have nothing to do?
  2. I smoke whenever no one is looking
  3. Every new moon
  4. Can you really not figure out when to smoke on your own?
    We don't know your life, or what times work best for you.
    Just do what YOU feel like.
  5. I 2nd what Basshead said times a million
  6. I smoke 3 or 4 times a week. Friday evening + saturday & sunday, if I smoke a 4th time its cause I dont have a hard day of college or some other reason on that day or the day after.
    I dont smoke more than .5 if I have something important the next day though, I wont wake up otherwise :D
  7. I do it when I can sleep in the next day (at least when choosing to smoke at night). I get weed hangovers.
  8. I used to smoke .5 daily. I'd smoke in the morning around 9 and then again around 5, and maybe again around 9. That's how I did it brotha.

  9. I'm in the same boat. Few times a week, usually end of the week and if I have a rough day. Almost always at the end of the day after a nice meal. Don't feel like I 'need' it more than that, but just smoke whenever I want to, which happens to be a few times a week. Usually no more than a joint (sometimes shared) per session.
  10. I smoke daily. It's not really thought of like "i'm gonna go get high today" I dont even really think about it. It's just part of my normal routine.

  11. A good system man :)
    Rough days suck unless there is weed around!
  12. I smoke whenever I feel stressed. So everyday.
  13. I usually smoke a small bowl before bed at night. Try that a 8th should lady u a week that way But on the weekends me and my friends go on a binge lol We went thru a half wit 6 heads the other night
  14. i smoke on the weekend for sure, and i smoke during the weekend if i'm going out to do something (going out with friends, concert, lecture, hike, etc.) i'm not a huge fan of smoking and then just sitting around at home
  15. I base it off of my schedule. If I had a long ass day of homework and essays, I smoke that night. Sometimes I'll smoke to write a paper.
  16. Try smoking only on the weekends, but first take a t break so you can buy less weed in the first place.

    And just blaze all day during those 2-3 days that you have off.:smoke:
  17. wtf....I smoke when I have time and when it won't mess with my studies....surely you can figure this one out :rolleyes:
  18. I bascally just smoke at night. I have to much things to do during the day usually. School and homework etc etc.

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