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Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jul 5, 2003.


What American are you?

  1. European American

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  2. African American

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  3. Asian American

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  4. American American

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  5. Another American (not listed above)

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  6. sheeeeat... i aint even american.

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  1. My mom was born in Philly and my dad immigrated to Canada from Germany. I feel like I'm "north American"!
  2. great grandparents irish on my mom's side, italian on my dad's side.

  3. woah... that just totally isnt the results i was expecting... either people didnt get the message i was trying to slip secretly in there... or there are far more "native Americans" here than i realised.
  4. England and Scotland.
  5. Southerner on my dad's side. British on my mom's side.
  6. I am me living in America!!!!!!
  7. American by geography or ideology?
  8. I'm native american/german
  9. im a mutt...lil bit of everything....born and raised in usa...
  10. German & Irish blood in my veins, but a Southern man first & foremost.
  11. there ya go joshy. I'm half German. I think my dad's side goes mainly back to somewhere in the UK, but I can't really just name one country. And I'm a southern boy. I try to talk like a normal person (between southern and yankee) but y'all should hear me slip into a southern drawl.
  12. OK, if your ass was born in america, guess what your american!!

    i hate this shit with people being "african american" and such. it doesnt matter if one or both your parents were born somewhere else, you are from where you are born. if your parents are from germany and you were born in america, your american, not german american. if your parents are from america and your born in germany, your not "american german", your german.

    i'm american, not american australian american :(

    I am surprized my idol digit has fallen into this very shallow stereo type:eek:

    even great minds slip up every now and then:p
  13. Hippie take a fuckin valium and chill

    Mom is American, Irish, Italian

    Dad is British

    I was born in South Africa while my dad was shootin a movie and came to America when I was 2 months old
  14. if ya not Native American thewn ya not American American get it right yo. i know how this subject will get alot of you americans pissed but as proud as you are of your country most of you are immigrants from ya ancestors, so basically this poll is a load of Dog Shit as most of it is minus the offence(sorry if taken)
  15. I agree with the "Your ass was born in America. You're American." That's one of the biggest problems I have with the racism thing. The minorities do what they can to seperate themselves from the majority so that equality can never really be achieved. If everyone was just American and let it go then there wouldn't be nearly as large of a problem when it comes to racism.

  16. yours too.... eveyones ancestors were migrant or nomadic at one time......unless you were an early river valley civilization.....if you think about it... you can only trance family history so far..... so just think where ya could actually be commin from..
  17. yeah, in that case gravy... we're all african human.

    i think weedboss was the only guy who knew what was the deal with my thread. TooSicks looked beyond but still did not see what i was getting at. or so it seemed to me.
  18. How come we keep seperating ourselves? We're all human, and we need to get beyond separating ourselves into groups. Only when we stop trying to group people will we truely achieve peace.

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