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A question, about the quality of mj

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sam0216, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Hey blades, as all of you know trich rich buds are top stuff, however i got some weed and this stuff has very little amount of trichs and not that sticky.
    Very piney smell, and many orange hairs and very dry.
    Smokes very very well.
    Question is how can somethjng with no visible trichs be soo good?

    Wasted In This Wonderland
  2. It might be cured well, but sounds like it was harvested early. Chances are if grown properly that strain would get resinous, recede the hairs and swell the pistols and get you even higher.
  3. Pic might not do justice

    Wasted In This Wonderland
    Here's another

    Wasted In This Wonderland
  4. Can you tell me the procedures?

    Wasted In This Wonderland

  5. Check out my journals, lots of info about it. Anyway the bud in the pics was def harvested way too early, it should have swollen calyxs' on it like this

  6. Yeah like FMC said. Looks like they were harvested early. Hairs everywhere. Small calyxs. Leaves aren't receded.
  7. I suggest it was harvested early, perhaps to cut the forthcoming rainstorm and associated molds..?
  8. Who cares what a bunch of people online have to say about it? Go smoke it. if it gets you high and you like it, it's strong enough, right? Never compare you or your weed to other people.

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  9. Like the previous posts state, it all comes down to how it smokes and the effects. I have had bud that looked like it really wasn't that potent judging from somewhat lack of apparent surface trichomes but ultimately turned out to be the most fantastic smoke ever and a favorite. Yeah the buds are a little stringy and scrawny and it might well have been harvested early it might still get you very high so if the effects are great who cares. Anyways let us know how it smokes.
  10. Its probably just the way it was grown. Airy bud will have that leafy look to it sometimes but the quality of the smoke can still be above average.
  11. Its a very uplifting head high, really enjoyable i thought it would be shit so blazed up 2 bowls in a row and then flew like a motherfucker lol

    Wasted In This Wonderland
  12. This is absolutely one of my least favorite 'types' of weed. The stuff that's really hairy and dry with no trichomes. I will pass on weed like this if its the only thing available. A friend worked at a dispensary where they called this stuff the 'hairy potter'. They'd hide the good stuff in the back until they could sell off the hairy potter first. Maybe these guys are right about it being harvested too early... I can't say for sure. It may just be the strain. It may not have gotten enough light where it needed it, either.
  13. Weed like that tastes so sour its delicious. Bud thats harvested too early isn't that horrible, its a decent uppity high

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