A question about sexing.

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  1. Found some pics, you need a low power magnifying glass. I use a watchmaker´s eyeglass, but the standard lens from a 35mm SLR camera will do the job fine.

    Preflowers appear where the branches join the main stem. (As do some other structures, so you have to look carefully.) I find they appear after about 4 to 6 weeks.
    The male preflower is like a ball on a short stick, it becomes a bag of pollen as the plant matures. Top pic.

    The female preflower has two pistils, fine hairs. Lower pic. As it flowers the lady produces BILLIONS of these.
    Males have balls, females have hairs.
  2. check for hairs bro. female has hairs by the branches. males dont!

    *EDIT: i didnt look at 2nd page, i guess you guys figured it out
  3. Just about.

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