A question about sexing.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilDank, May 18, 2006.

  1. About how old should the plants be before i can determine the sex, and What should i look for in a male and female? Any help is aprreciated!!!
  2. I get preflowers about 4 to 6 weeks on.
  3. males dont bush out as much as females and they get a little taller too because when they drop the pollen they want to drop it on the fameles.

  4. A bit more to it than that, Killer. You need to positively identify the two types of pre-flower. There must be some pics of what to look for somwhere in this forum. Once you have done it you don´t forget it.
  5. Thanks alot fly and with ur help im glad to say that both of my larger flowers are females the other 6 are to young to tell still but ill keep posted.
  6. you can kinda guess if its male or female before it gets its preflowers and maybe you'll get a lucky guess or something. I have always noticed that the males are a little taller than the females, as far as node spacing.

  7. No you cannot ´kinda guess´ . Not if you are a serious grower, you will buy a lens and look at the preflowers.

    I keep all my seedlings in 5 litre pots until I have definitely determined their sex. Only then do I invest in lots of compost when I repot my known females into much larger pots.

    I see no advantage whatever in attempting to ´kinda guess´ their sex.
  8. Delighted to have been of sevice, Devil.
  9. Hello my spanish friend. Yes, you must be able to identify pre-flowers! You must also be aware of hermorphodytes!
  10. Hermaphrodytes.
  11. could we get a pic of where exactly you could find this?

    Would the bottom node (i guess that's what it's called) be the first place you can see the sex.. parts coming in?
  12. Usually second or third node from the top.
  13. exactly what killer said
  14. and the node is where the main stem goes into the leaf.. branch?
  15. Absolutely right.
  16. I wished I could of gotten an answer like this when I asked almost the same questions. I feel very discriminated against by this forum. I don't know why my questions couldn't of been answered like this.
  17. Sorry you feel sad. But we are mostly cuddly people.

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