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A question about letting smoke sit...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jumpingkidney, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I didn't know where to post this question, so I'll post it here and delete it once my question is answered.

    But anyways, I find myself taking huge hits from my bong and not being able to clear it so I put my hand on the top to keep the smoke in and then just clear it when I'm able.

    My question is...does that smoke still get you high? I've let it sit in the bong for up to two minutes before but I was wondering if it loses its potency or something?

    Thanks GC!
  2. Yes it will still get you high. There will just be less of it. There is still THC being "leaked" out. Go ahead. That smoke is fine.
  3. If you let it sit for more then like 2 seconds it will go stale and if it goes stale enough it will be the worst thing youve ever tasted.

    Try to take it all in one breathe. Pack snaps. a 'snap' is just when you only put a pinch of bud in the bowl, just enough for you to take all in one hit. Basically,
    1 bowl[snap]=1 hit
  4. No idea what you're talking about, but I've never had a problem letting smoke sit for a little bit (much more than 2 seconds :confused:) and it didn't go 'stale' lol wtf.
  5. it goes stale after a while. But if you can take the taste itll do its job... i've seen people rip a homemade G bong and let it sit for like a minute and then hit the stale shit and puked lol
  6. I'd say no longer then 15- 20 seconds I'd keep it in there.
  7. Trust me, bong air that has been sitting for more than like a minute is the worst thing on this planet, almost.
  8. Yeah i would just light less of the bowl and take a smaller hit that i can clear.

    Stale smoke tastes like shit.
  9. if smoke goes stale....then why do people hotbox?:smoke:
  10. Humidity and lack of oxygen adds to the effect of being high. Your not going to get much higher because almost all the THC has been absorbed into your lungs when you exhale ;)
  11. Yeah, what NYCD said. It will go stale after a while & it will just taste bad. Yes it's safe, yes it'll still get you high.
  12. more than 5-10 seconds aint really worth it. super harsh and tastes like shit, doesnt even do anything. just blow it out if you cant finish it.
  13. Yeah if it has been longer than a few seconds I don't bother clearing it, I just take the stem out, blow the smoke out, and take another hit.

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