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  1. Yeah, my plants are outside, giving them hydro stealth nutes(bloom and micro), ph is low below 6.5, leaves are yellowing with brown spot, started from the bottom and is working its way up, some have truned brown and fell off, and was rootbound just transplanted.
    Started flowering agust 7th.
    Can someone please give me a diagnosis and solution. Much appreciated.

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  2. Bud formation looks great for 2 weeks.

    When did you transplant it?

    Yellowing could be needing nutes, or stress from trans. Plus in 3rd/4th weeks plants tend to use more mg and cal.

    The plant looks healthy, but I would want that to stop also.

    I'm assuming you move it and out to keep on 12/12.

    bbl alex
  3. Thnx for the reply. I transplanted it yesterday the 22nd. I know it was a little late since it started flowering already but it was rootbound so I had to do it. "I'm assuming you move it and out to keep on 12/12." I'm consfused by that statement because my plant is outside. Thnx for the help again. P
  4. I took, "started budding on August 7th" as in you were dictating light, not ma nature.

    Transplanting would cause stress also. Hopefully she'll perk up soon.


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