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  1. So this might seem a bit odd to some people but if you can bare with me, the more power to you. So I'm at that stage where I'm quote-unquote filling out. According to some, this doesn't mean the pelvis is actually expanding rather the body is filling in with muscle. The pelvis supposedly stays the same way as you were at age 20. Surprisingly lots of people don't know what filling out is (a process that takes place between 21-26). So my question is this..... 
    I want to remove muscle mass most notably up and down my legs and my lower torso. I know some might say "You have a f**ked up vision" but I've seen more muscle come in my calfves and my hamstrings. And it is really beginning to become unattractive to see, especially when I'm sitting. So how would I go about removing the mass?

  2. While I can see that helping, wouldn't that just build up the mass over time over reducing it? Or am I missing something here?
    And at least in the sates, I don't think there's a method surgically. 
    Okay...Now, you read your question and you answer it.
    Yes, you are missing something here. :cool:
  4. So just so its clear. Running will build mass, which is the opposite of my goal.
  5. No...You need to use Google. :cool:
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    Unless you're sprinting (accompanied by strength and interval training), running will not build muscle mass to any appreciable extent-they'll become stronger and leaner, but not much larger. 
  7. mac, is that you?
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    It also might be the muscles especially when they relax that is part of the problem. Sometimes at night the thighs rub together and it gets uncomfortable. So yeah, there could be some trimming there. How to go upon doing it is the real question.
    Any suggestions would be heavily appreciated.
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    How many times does someone have to tell you to go and try running? RUN.  :laughing:
    Running isn't like when you build muscle through strength training, running helps you lean out. Stick to a diet with little carbs, a bit more protein, and run on a consistent basis and you'll lean out just fine. 
  10. I'm going to take a wild guess you are female? Usually I don't hear guys having this problem. Just saying nit being sexist at all. :p
  11. Lol no, I'm not female I'm male. I've just been cursed with these muscles unfortunately.
  12. First time ever to here a man that doesen't wan't the muscle.
  13. Totally assumed op was a chick...:mellow:

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  14. I don't even understand how you got the muscle in the first place if you honestly thought running builds muscle. Either you're blessed with crazy genetics or that's not muscle that's fat

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