A Poll for a collective of the Polls

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Digit, Jan 5, 2002.


What should be done with the data collected from the polls?

  1. displayed together on a page within the Grasscity

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  2. Published in as many places as possable anually

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  3. Distributed to responsable websites and magazines

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  4. keep it as it is for our enjoyment only

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  1. :D !!!POLLS RULE!!! :D
  2. I say display on grasscity!
  3. Hey digit... haven't seen u in a while- don't suppose u live n e where near the village of Twatt do you? hehehe i just found out that place existed!!!
  4. Only the larger more lived polls should recieve recognition. As some polls are kinda lame and only get like 3 responses. The better polls should get publicity. =)


    Polls are cool
  5. Twatt? nah, other end of the island.

    Not in orkney anymore anyways. it aint weed freindly enough for me. ... hmm should change my info here

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