a poem

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  1. electrified threads of infinite color brilliantly illuminated the screen before my sences.
    as if every wish comes true at once.
    love and laughter eminating through every fiber of reality.
    death and sickness a past event.
    3d space a mere game, war a mere game.
    time a nusiance.
    past events unknown or unworthy of being known.
    pulsating rythms lifting the box of consciousness.
    an infinite energy source weaving through all being.
    events happening without thought or effort.
    happiness in all, peace in war, love in hate.
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  2. +rep

    really good. sorry, i'm a bad critic but i really liked it.

    edit:i gave you your second bar!
  3. good stuff...i like.
  4. i like the ee cummings-ish approach to capitalization :)

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