A poem i made for class, In class.

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  1. We had to write something referring to "to be or not to be" and that's all the information i got.--Just want some opinions.

    To live or not to live?
    A question that will be answered in time.
    To live is to love, to die is a crime.
    To live without knowledge is the same death will bring,
    But in life we wait for it through time and painful stings.
    Our nature is to live through it all
    And some break this as should an unjust law.
    Why live? And why die?
    If i find the answer i know it's a lie.
    But now, life is the answer for me,
    And death will come later to set me free.
  2. I like it a lot +rep
  3. its pretty good
  4. that's really good, i like it.

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