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  1. Ok, I have had this night imprinted into my mind for so long and its time for me to spill the contents of one of the greatest live shows I have ever seen and been to. It was the live playing of A Perfect Circle at Pompano in Florida. If you read all the rest of the reviews of this show, you would truly be tranced just like me of such a night for music.
    reviews of that night: http://aperfectcircle.com/reviews_one_live.php?tour=77cdb7bb6146bf6a0cd615cc7e05c3b8

    That night, it was raining like mad but it only started as the band strumed the firt cord! Like the earth was waiting to cry out its joy onto everyone for them playing. We also had a elipse that night which made the night sky red. When it was raining, I think everyone didnt realize it until they would stop playing inbetween songs. This show was really small so it was very personal as well. It just was the highlight of my life to see one of my favorite singers being hidden by the light intensified smoke. The lights and the rain and the lightening! I will never forgot that night. I truly thank the whole band, and especially maynard! I love you man!

    November 08, 2003

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