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  1. Everything's a number, a binary a universal construct of the universe from everything to anything in our ferternal existance, Everything's a program, a genetic code of a random design and ingenuity - its all a number, and its an abstract entity of random speed and mathematical occurances run by a biological machine with a basic code of binary, a universal code in a software, an abstract universe with a basic code of rudementary geometry - and it is all a program, Just like a Computer, each program in a computer has a basic code of laws to act it's basic construct and instructions, its language in which it understands, laws of 'ifs' and 'thens' written by a programmer's intent to instruct. We too are programs- biological machines only with a consience, every facet of our existance is governed by DNA, each cell has enough genetic potential instructed and delegated to become a whole new human being, software, were' software and our binary is numbers. were in the matrix my brothers, or at least to some level degree of it. the whole universe is connected by strings, vibrating numbers, and space is just a void of geometry
  2. very nice analogy man. i think of numbers as something we as humans are bound to, such as time.

    personally ive always compared God (though its an extremely weak comparison) as being the greatest video game programmer ever. through His divine nature we are all programmed through His specifications to an extent.

    i like how you put it gopher. thats almost exactly how i sometimes view everything as well.

  3. If God lived - he should be the greatest artifictual engineer of all infinity. - this boundless and intracately mindbogling software he has created is too marvelous for any mortal mind to comprehend. He truly would be The Master.

    But i believe that we have copied him, we have imitated his motions, and are only time away from complexley intracated programmnig to develop machine software to have artifificial capabilties close to our own.

    Science is the study of what's already been, and the laws set out are just mere discoveries. What we need is the source, an energy or a God, worthy to be called Master of this 3-dimensional creation.
  4. But sometimes i wonder man, like we -who dont believe in the God of the bible, are we just ultimately fools proffesing to be wise? i mean really man? what if?? but eysh, been there done that man! saught him my whole life and found absolutely fresh air:smoking:!
  5. ...uh prove it?
  6. virtual machines.

  7. Haha! stated and full stop.:smoke:
    Virtual machines my brother thats what it is.

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