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A Note to Writers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuddhistBrian, May 9, 2011.

  1. No matter what grade you may be in... Do NOT post essays about marijuana on the Internet.

    At least until you have gotten your grade back. Professors can use programs to search the Internet for the paper and it'll say it's on here. Then you're pretty much fucked for plagiarism.
  2. did this happen to you ?
  3. Or just don't post your name right next to said essay...
  4. A note to dumbasses who post whole threads addressing another thread which they could have just posted their opinion in:

    Don't make whole threads on something you could have just posted in the other thread about

    This isn't the f*cking "announcements to writers" board. It's the apprentice tokers board. We talk about smoking/mj in general. We don't make whole threads on stupid technicalities.
  5. Thank God it didn't.
    I haven't submitted an essay about marijuana into a class before. Probably won't ever.
    I just wanna protect my fellow blades.
  6. Chill out and quit trollin buddy, it'll get you far in life
    Let the mods tell me this stuff, not a guy with less than 80 posts

  7. Giving me shit about my post count, nice. Let's compare dick sizes while we're at it :eek:

    Doesn't matter if it's a mod or me, it still holds true. I fucking hate minimodders personally, and I wasn't even trying to give you shit. I'm just saying the fact that you made this thread is just retarded.

    And who the fuck actually uses the word "trollin"? Go get laid kid.
  8. If you actually look around the city you'll find it a lot.
    Don't give me shit for my word choice...
    FYI, who gave you the right to say what I can and can't post?

  9. No one, an I don't have the right. There's no such thing as a "right" it's just an artificial truth that was never really a truth but only claimed to have been a truth throughout human existence.

    But I do know this - I don't need anyone to give me the "right" to say what you can and can't post, because regardless of rights, I can say what you can and can't post - that fact is indisputable. You sound like a high-school drop-out soccer mom talking about "WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO-???" stfu.

    Fuck rights. Oh, and fuck you (no offense). :smoke:
  10. Damn with your little rant i feel almost beat except... Lets just say fuck it and call us even?
  11. so this is what happens when a fellow blade is trying to warn other blades ? smh..
  12. Finally someone understands that I have good intentions... +rep
  13. Go talk to your family about it or something man. Depression sucks!

  14. For sure man.

    I know, but I'm getting better. Only cut my wrists twice today! :D

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