A Nightmare on Elm St (2009) Trailer

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    [ame="http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=63620005"]Video A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD van Trailer Park - MySpace Video[/ame]

    oops also meant (2010)
  2. Looks good.. I'll peep it.
  3. Looks decent but the guy just fails. He looks kind of like two-face from The Dark Knight towards the end of the trailer. Not too scary looking...
  4. isnt that the dude that played rorschach in watchmen? his voice sounds wierd too... but imma download it :)
  5. looks sick
  6. The new Freddy looks like a shaved Chewbacca in the trailer I saw on youtube.

    I hope they don't kill the classic with this remake, but I'll be seeing it in theaters no matter what. I mean, IT'S FREDDY FUCKIN KRUGER!
  7. yes. yes it is
  8. i dont really like the look of the back story, like wtf are they gonna try to make us feel bad for freddy krueger?
  9. I can't wait until this comes out. It looks like the actually made him look like he was burned this time. I'm going to watch the original now.
  10. should be another shitty remake of a classic series
  11. ill see it but im gunna be pissed if it turns out to be like the firday the 13th remake (sucked balls) nightmare and elm street is such a good movie i hope they dont fuck it up

  12. Truth. Wish hollywood would get over the remake fad.:smoking:
  13. man id be more inclined to see it if robert englund reprised his role, but hopefully it doesn't suck like most remakes. i think hollywood should be trying to create new horror icons rather then keep re-doing them and re-doing them.
  14. fuck this shit, stop supporting remakes.

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