A nice vid link to overwatering vs underwartering

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    Found this vid and I thought I would share!
    Was searching a bit since ONLY one plant of 4 has showed any symptoms. Interesting since this is SUPPOSED to be a Granddaddy Purple. I have 2 other GDPs that look nothing like this one! (Fem seeds from MSNL). Note:Just entered week 3 of flower after 8 wk veg.

    Anyway the spoiler here is that over-watered leaf stems stand straight up, while leaves droop and under-watered leaf stems droop along with the leaves. (Never had a droop, so this was a 1st for me...turned out to be UNDERWATERING!. Had not watered for only 3 days too.

    This dude seems to really know his sh**, unlike many other videos! Check it out (It's Not me either LMAO)

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  2. Ended up argueing with someone about that yesterday... the OPs leaves had been dropping for days but the stems were standing up still... and someone else was positive it was underwatering for some reason... you can easily tell if it's underwatering or not by waiting and seeing what happens... if it's underwatering the plant is going to get obviously limp with everything drooping... if it's overwatered it just stays all droopy until it dries out real nice. Some people's soil can take ages to dry out and they just don't want to wait because they feel as if it shouldn't go that long between waterings instead of listening to the plant.

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