A new view on religion; for the agnostic/atheists.

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  1. I wrote this in the mind frame from smoking marjuana, I can keep a clearer mind with my ideas.
    Im in the top 5% academically for my age in England so I thought maybe my ideas would be more accepted?

    The Stepping Stone - Between The Lines - Quora

    Let me know what you think.
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  2. I would review it, if you posted it here.

    I am not going to an external site to read it though. Don't know who is collecting IP addresses there.
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  3. Before reading:
    As I have stated on my blog, take everything I say with a pinch of salt. I am not discouraging religion and I respect everyones beliefs. I would also like to state the main light I am shining is on blind followers who have no real epiphany or motive behind their beliefs; Not those who implement their religion in their daily lives.

    The Stepping Stone; or (The Irony of Religion)
    Throughout centuries, religion has been seen as the catalyst for ethical and moral followings through many historical figures and teachings. As a Psychology student, scrutinously raised to follow the Catholic Church in my younger years, I observed the way in which religion was conducted, only until maturity to realise the irony it was creating in the mindsets of the followers.

    In my views, religion can be seen as a very dangerous topic, especially due to how many centuries it has been passed upon. It has been the focal point in the nature of over 120 wars in the history of humanity, directly contradicting the basic teachings of peace, love and respect. Religion in many ways has been slow to update itself to fit recent generations, obvious examples of past teachings discriminating homosexuality and slavery. Although most has been cleared up, much remains outdated, logically differentiating from the intelligence of humanity today.

    We are told in life to be free thinkers, to be independent. Yet this contradicts the whole of the Catholic Church. There is one role model in control of the entirety of the mass, while everyone else, despite their opinions, questions and life stories, obediently listens. Being told something and deciding you believe it rather than questioning it creates a mind that is delusional or biased. It will reflect those teachings into an egotistic cover which blinds them despite other realistic opinions. Through this they do not develop a freedom of speech or basic self beliefs, creating in many Catholic followers an arrogance in their nature.

    My personal views on religion are in many ways unique, however genius to those who may think like me. Embedding my self directed viewpoints over what I have observed from the constant unwanted religious presence around my upbringing.

    Looking around a church in todays society you cant help but notice the majority of participants are in the later years of life, yet so little of youth who through their own decisions taking part. I silently was left wondering how many people are here to be a generally good person through their constant faith, or how many are here to cover up their insecurities and worries of death; to feel they are simply buying a ticket into heaven.
    As I get to my later points shows the irony and imprisonment of the mind which religion has created with this conscience driving their motivation of faith.

    "I wash my hands, I said my grace, what more do you want from me? Tears of a clown, guess Im not all what is meant to be, shades of grey will never change if I condone, turn this page, help me change, so right my wrongs".

    The sad truth for the motives of many lost in faith and astray from the true meanings behind religious teachings. Obedient to cover up their insecurities of death and a blind eye to their true selves.
    In my view, Catholic Churches are simply a stepping stone which many get stuck on due to the current religious strategy of teaching. Its to guide you to the basis of becoming a good person and how to overcome the 'demons' society has created; including greed, anger, egotisms and lust, directly relating to the deadly sins. Until you overcome negative impulses, using your positive wisdom to act out such teachings with those around you, being compassionate, loving and most importantly open minded, you will never truly understand its teachings.
    Many just take the short cut, hypocrisy to what they say they believe in.

    This leads onto the irony of the imprisonment of the mind. The slow torture which people allow themselves to go through, deluded that eventually their continuous unhappiness will be replaced with paradise at death. Countless religious followers sit around miserable in their later years, using religion as an escape to ease their worries. Until they move past the stepping stone of what religion represents, implementing into their lives the most famous teachings to 'love yourself' and 'love your neighbour', no matter the circumstances;
    They will never realise that the true teachings of heaven is to be at peace of mind, which through peace the very nature of paradise can be achieved.

    Heaven exists during conscience, the positive mental state we are in.
    Heaven exists within our mind.

    Without this realisation in blind religious followers, they are going to be stuck forever on this stepping stone, which for many stuck in their own personal hell.
    Those which chase for greed rather than love, let their insecurities rule them, forever looking back rather than forward. Just a grain of sand to the beach of where many fall down the rabbit hole to the psychological state of what hell represents. Forever suffering, forever waiting for a new life trapped in their own minds, never realising that heaven can be achieved by looking for the true meanings of what religion represents and shining light on their true selves.

    Death in many ways can be seen as heaven in the context of peace. No matter your life status, the insecurities and worries which contain you, the deep secret and guilt we refresh in our minds constantly, is instantly taken away. Therefore achieving the peace we had been forever chasing, but never realising we have.

    Religion should be seen as poetry. Read it word for word without a freedom of thought and it will make little sense. For most we have been able to interpret its teachings correctly, a common example loving your neighbour to represent humanity. Yet so much more is blindly accepted.

    By reading between the lines, only then can we see the true beauty it speaks.

    For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:

    By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;

    For me, my battling with depression and being institutionalised inside a mentality which I can only describe as torture is directly shouldered by the descendent into hell. Through which I can support those who too are stuck in such a dark mental state. I do not consider christ resurrected, I do not believe there is a physical place where heaven and hell is present, I just trust in my own interpretations for what such teachings represent.

    By creating your own interpretations you can find your own spirituality, continuing to evolve into a better person and defeat the demons to achieve a mind of peacefulness and paradise.

    I call this the psychology of religion;
    Create heaven on earth in your mind and you will truly see the beauty in this sad world.
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  4. creationism story sells itself. indulge at your leisure
  5. I hold many of the same beliefs, call it Atheism, Secular Humanism. I have an issue with claiming your ideas are only the manifestations of your own mind, many have had these thoughts before, we're born Atheists for fuck's sake. I hate to pop your bubble but I take umbrage to people claiming to be geniuses online. I am stoned so I will say I've left bigger religious dumps online. People talk about this stuff, check out the internet some time, it's cool.
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  6. I hate the fact I used the word genius, please ignore that. I meant it may help people in a similar position I was to see past the false reality that religious people try to paint onto the black canvases of their children.
    Like I said, my parents did this to me and when I broke out of it with my own thoughts and ideas on it, linking it to my life and the life around me it did feel like quite an epiphany. Ive struggled with mental illness and been to the lowest of the lows, Im just appreciative I have a good education and can now express myself with a less fear of being looked down up. (fuck the system, lucky I escaped that narrow minded judgement scheme)

    Remember though, everyone has their own perception so although this was an incredible experience for me I wanted to share, to others its overlooked or in your case already old news.
    Cheers for the reply man, appreciate your time!:)
  7. I don't worship anything.

    "I would also like to state the main light I am shining is on blind followers who have no real epiphany or motive behind their beliefs; Not those who implement their religion in their daily lives."

    Wow, that's one of the most judgmental things I've read in a long time. Who are you to judge whether someone is implementing religion in their daily lives and who is a "blind follower who has no real epiphany or motive behind their beliefs"? What the fuck does that even mean? What credentials do you have to make those distinctions and judgments? What mystical powers do you have that allows you to know anyone's motivations for anything? You don't. Get off your high horse.

    Honesty OP, I tried making it through this a few times. You need to work on your writing, and I'm not sure some of those words mean what you think they do. I'm not trying to be mean, but if you have ideas that you want to pass along‌ in writing, you really want to know how to write half way decently.
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  8. That's fine. Not everyone is understood.

    Also sorry if I seemed rude or judgemental, I just meant many people say they are religious but are so hypocritical to their teaching.

    My main belief is karma, will always catch up on you. I just try keep open minded and positive.

    Thanks for your response, I appreciate it!:)
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  9. That's not what karma is. That's a western, "wouldn't that be nice" interpretation of karma. Karma is not a punishment or retribution. What you're talking about with karma is the judeo-christian "you reap what you sow".
  10. I like this! I'm a philosophy major, about ready to graduate and I love this kind of stuff. It's like candy for my brain lol. But you should google "biosemantics philosophy" and read Ruth Millikan if you're into this kinda stuff. And by "this kinda stuff" I mean theories that tackle humanness and morality and consciousness without the influence of the supernatural or any sort of higher power/heaven/hell. It's the closest thing I've found to I think what it is that I personally believe, and it's an interesting take on it.

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  11. Since you seem fairly new to the online religion game give Zeitgeist:The Movie a shot when you have a couple of hours. It's on Netflix with the second movie but I'll include the youtube version here for you. It will blow your mind, the religious stuff is incredible.
  12. Nice post OP. You actually seem to view things similar to myself.

    SneakySnake, I am no probably no more qualified than the OP, but I would agree with his claim that many if not the vast majority of religious people have no epiphany (I would maybe prefer to say enlightenment or revelations). When I say that I mean that they don't put the intellectual/emotional rigor into their spiritual wellbeing, but take a cookie cutter route of religion. This isn't to say all religions or religious people are bad, but that if a true 'epiphany' occurred, we would see more people transformed.
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  13. I totally understand and agree with what you are saying. That is the same way I feel about religion . As I always say the bible was written by man "inspired by god" . Really people hearing voices and doing as told. Hmmmm. Stories about a man whom they heard stories about from 200 years before and such?!...

    And if I were to say today that "god" spoke to me and said to write a book those same people would send me to an asylum 'cause I'm hearing voices lol.

    I could talk to the burning bush as well
    Hahaha .
    Just saying religion is just a tool to keep people under control .

    I live by the so called "golden rule" do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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  14. on earth, heaven is a condition of celebration and hell, of suffering. the probability is choice.
  15. Why do you believe there must be some sort of epiphany? Why do you assume there must be some sort of transformation? One can hold a believe, have faith in an idea, without any sort of epiphany or metaphysical transformation. Also, I'd suggest that you (or anyone else) has no idea what spiritual growth anyone has. The OP, and you, seem to be judging someone not on just what they believe, but also how they believe. And in reality, nobody has any idea of another beings' spiritual path or growth.
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  16. No, I don't care what they believe, I care about their actions which are a reflection of their thoughts and mentality.

    To me, spiritual growth is not just an insight but an application of that insight in one's life.

    You can realize love, freedom, oneness are the path to self-transformation, but if they continue to be bitter, angry, spiteful and selfish, what does that suggest?

    Suffice to say, one can be atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, deist, Christian etc.

    Lose Your Fear and Free Your Soul or The Mysteries Of Life You'll Truly Never Know
  17. It's unfortunate the great libraries (not just Alexandria) were burned. All of human history prioir was lost and we may never know what may have changed our world significantly.

    I don't believe any religion word for word,, but I do believe on the ideals based within true Paganism I. Regards to worship of ones self (body), The Earth/Nature and your neighbors....
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  18. As for seeing the light/relatives = DMT
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  19. I like talking and reading about different beliefs, but my train of thought has always been that beliefs and religion are just a way of humans easing the fear of death. Every living thing has a will to survive, but humans are the only species with a higher level of thinking. We want to prolong our lives, and we fear the end. Even pure atheist can ease the idea of total nothingness after death by knowing that small pieces of ourselves were once a part of something else, and will go on to be something new after our deaths
  20. Good you see what I was trying to make out :)

    Like I stated to sneaky snake, a lot of this is from my own experiences. I was practically dragged to church as a child, never given the opportunity for real personal enlightenment. Religion should be a personal choice rather than a forced route.

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