A new Tradtion Holiday

Discussion in 'General' started by tabou21, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. hey i had this great idea....why dont we all save our seeds for one year,and say on every 4/20 we release them out all over the place.private or public places.let the weed grow everywhere.soon it will be everywhere and the government would give up and make it legal.sort of like jonny appleseed.he went around planting apple seeds,we can do the same thing.he was only one man,but we have a army of planters.

    think of it,it a add on to the holiday 4/20.what do you think?
  2. thats so crazy it just might work. lol. :):):)
  3. yeah dude, let history repeat itself. yea for johnny potseed!!

  4. hmm i wont be able to save them for a year, but im going to buy some good mids and plant the seeds in my back yard. think my mom will notice them before i cut them down?
  5. yeah you could buy seeds too.i only suggested saving them because its cheaper but if you buy its all the same.imagine it thought.its a perfect time to plant its starts to get warm and everything is blooming this time of year.it will be our tradition.like trees have arbor day.you know plant a tree...we'll have, plant some weed.

  6. yes, if some one else doesn't first
  7. I planted some seeds in the tree line behind my house last weekend. Hopefully they survive and will be doing fine when I get home.
  8. yea i saw a guy passing out flyers with this once at a concert. i think the day was may 15. it is a good idea though

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