A new car.

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  1. I am gonna need a new car soon should I get the Mercedes E class or BMW M3?
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    I'd go with the M3. What years btw?
  3. BMW M3 for sure.
  4. i mean duuu i roll in a 95 integra but if i had the dough ur talkin bout i would save up and just buy a nissan GTR or a used 911 turbo cuz i like their exhaust notes better. And if you end up gettin either of those two cars please tell me its gonna be a 6 spd manual. otherwise you are just like another big tottied blonde housewife
  5. This.
  6. 6 to 0 for M3 so far ;)
  7. Unless your talking about an E55, than I'd go with the m3 for sure.
  8. Come on this is no contest, if the man wants to drive his car then he will get the M3
  9. m3 all day...i think the comparison should be like like m3 or c55 or e55 amg ... in which case its a close call but m3 ftw

    what year btw
  10. My dad just got a 320(or 30) E class and it's some car!
  11. I voted m3. But what do you want in a car?

    performance first or luxury first?
  12. I want performance and luxury. I think I will go with the M3. It still won't be till atleast close to summer til I get it.
  13. What kind of M3? E36? E46? E92???:eek: Go with the m3 perfect car for performance meets luxury, also really great to go fast in. I'd only get a E-class if it was a new e63 amg wagon. kicked the r8's ass and that's fast enough for me.
  14. forget bmw and mercss... i voted merc but thats becuz i personally dont think the interiors of bimmas are ergonomical like a benz or lexus is ... the ride is wayy more comfortablee and theres alot of german style drawn into the interior.... plus if u get nav.. its nicer in the merc , the user interface aint nearly as user friendly in the bmw. ......easy 2 use but still needs refining.

    lemme tell u , performance is great. but how often do u plan on havin the pedal to the floor? Id like to say all the time too but realistically ur gunna wanna nice smoooth comfy sporty ride .... m3s are nice. but i guess what im gettin to is this....

    Get an Audi S5 and if thats too much get the S4, its like the perfect blend of BMW and MERc all in 1.... amazing car i guess ull have to find that out for urself :p


  15. i'd say this, especially, if brand new, go with that audi.

    i was gonna get a 02 m3, but do you wanna pay retail for parts on a 8 year old 60k valued car. the parts will be same price as new m3 with all the expensive servicing and maintenance on it.

    i'm going for used g35 coupe, luxury, 280hp stock, and cheaper parts all around.

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