A must see site for an ultimate trip experience!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ganja smugglin, May 25, 2010.

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    my advice is to watch the flash movies first. you'll go to the site like :smoke: and end up like:eek: trust me this is some trippy shit.
  2. the fuck...haha
  3. check out the flash movie Hills Are Alive or wormhole or Multiple Exposures of the Cosmic and tell me what you think
  4. lol... seems like the progression of a trip, from the high space reaches, to the stratosphere of the light, down to the dark doldrums of numbers and mechanics, down to the fiery reaches of goofish societal reverb.
  5. yeah that's what i got from it, the artist has a whole page of these labeled as scrolls.
  6. Oh how I love Larry :smoking:

    He's a pretty cool dude, a little odd. We've had some interesting conversations over the web. If you've ever done salvia, you can relate even better to some of his art. He's for sure one of my favorite artists.
  7. yeah your right salvia does go with his style of art, never talked to him but he does seem like a interesting person he has many "subliminal messages" in his artwork but usually good messages.
  8. i got some creepy ass vibes from this corner of the net. I can't look at this now
  9. Trippy ass shit. :hello:

  10. haha glad you all like it
  11. i LOVE this kind of art. it tis the coolest!

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